From Capital City to Media City

The brief

Miss P from London was looking for a buy-to-let apartment in Manchester with a budget of £145-170k. Although she didn’t know the area at all, she had been attracted by the prospect of good rental yields, and was looking for advice from local property finding experts.

  • Apartment
    The client needed a property with 1 or 2 bedrooms
  • Investment potential
    Good rental yields required for this property
  • City
    Central location attractive to professional tenants was a must for this client
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How Buying Agent Partnership helped:

As Miss P was ideally targeting the professional tenant market, we were able to use our extensive experience with corporate tenants to focus her search on areas where there was consistently strong rental demand and also potential for future capital growth.


Our experienced property finders were able to draw up an initial longlist of 19 properties. This shortlist was then previewed for suitability and shortlisted down to six for Miss P to view personally over the course of a 1-day visit to Manchester.



The Happy Ending:

The chosen property – a 2 bed 2 bath apartment at Media City, was secured with a negotiated reduction of 4.5% from the asking price including the furniture. Having also taken the opportunity to review the rent when the existing tenant left, Miss P managed to obtain a 6.8% gross annual rental yield on her investment.




How Buying Agent Partnership delivered value: 

  • Our experts utilised their network of properties to draw up a shortlist of 19 properties without the client even needing to leave her home
  • The requirements – 2 bedroom, lucrative rental property in Manchester – were et with ease thanks to our expertise
  • The client managed to obtain a 6.8% gross annual rental yield on her investment – exactly the return she’d hoped for!