From Home to a Holiday Cottage in Wales

The brief

Our client, Dr. W, approached us having recently benefitted from a small inheritance, as she was looking to fulfil her lifelong dream of owning a holiday cottage in North Wales. She knew the area very well but had no experience of buying property herself - but that's where our expert property agents stepped in to help!

  • Very Traditional
    The client wanted a property that typified the North Wales countryside.
  • Cottage
    The property would ideally be a cottage or small house.
  • 1 - 2 Acres
    A good amount of land was desired so as to enjoy the great Welsh outdoors.
  • Dog Friendly
    Dr W required a safe place where she could let her dog off the lead, without disturbing any farm animals.
  • 1 - 1.5 hours drive
    The trip from home-to-home would be undertaken regularly, so a long travel time would not be ideal.
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How Buying Agent Partnership helped:

The client was very keen to find a property set in the countryside of North Wales, with land, stunning views, and of course enough room for the four-legged family members to move around! The client knew the area well, but had a keen idea of what she wanted and was new to buying property herself – which is where our experts stepped into help.

Using our network of contacts, we proceeded to view around 14 properties on Dr W’s behalf to ensure we could narrow down the options for her to view to a manageable amount. Eventually, this dedicated and collaborative approach helped our property finder to source and secure a 2 bedroom cottage with 2.5 acres of land near Pandy Tudor!


The Happy Ending: 

The client was delighted with the property, and felt it matched all her needs in every respect. The client enjoyed a bonus, too – as in addition to the main cottage, the previous owners had also started to convert an adjacent garage into further living quarters!

The client was thrilled with this extra potential for additional living space / guest accommodation in the future if required, and settled into her new home happily.

How Buying Agent Partnership added value: 

  • Buying Agent Partnership’s expert property finders were able to assist this new buyer with making the most of her money, finding her the perfect property within budget
  • Our commitment meant that our client was able to settle in her dream home, with all furry members of the family included!