The brief

Mr & Mrs F had been living and running a business in New York for several years but had decided to return to the UK. Their intention was to buy a new home but they wanted to look for a good quality rental option while they carried out their search. Their search area was quite flexible within a broad corridor from Windermere/Kendal in Cumbria to Harrogate in North Yorkshire.

  • Connectivity
    A high speed internet connection was a necessity.
  • Rental Property
    The clients required a rental house to live in whilst searching for a property to buy.
  • Pet Friendly
    The property needed to accommodate the owner's 2 cats.
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The preferred villages which met the criteria were also the locations where rental demand was greatest and we faced stiff competition from some large corporate clients. The main challenge with this search was being able to move very quickly and handle the rental application process while the clients were across the Atlantic. Part of my role was to demonstrate the sound credentials of my absent clients to landlords and letting agents and also to ensure I was accurately describing the pros and cons of each property to Mr & Mrs F as they needed to select a property without viewing it personally. We usually handled this via several telephone calls to share photographs and video footage and for them to ask me more detailed questions. However with the final property we had to act even more quickly due to the competitive market and had planned a walkthrough via Skype back to the US. This was ultimately thwarted due to the mobile data reception at the time but a phone call immediately following the viewing was sufficient to prove it was the house for them.

In the time between securing the property, negotiating the lease and Mr & Mrs F arriving in the UK I was able to set up their utility accounts, phone and internet so that they were up and running straightaway on their arrival. Fortunately they also loved the house!