Off Market Property Search

An integral part of our buying service for home buyers, our knowledge of off market properties may enable you to view and buy properties that never even make it to the estate agent’s window or property portals

There is a whole host of reasons as to why individuals choose to sell their properties privately. Often, it is simply because the seller wishes the sale to be completed swiftly and discreetly. Other times, properties quietly gain a lot of interest prior to the production of any accompanying marketing material, such as fully detailed brochures. Whatever the seller’s personal motivations, we are here to act on your behalf as the buyer and represent you in any negotiations.

In the past, private property search has focused heavily on high value properties, generally worth over £5 million. However, due to the UK’s increasingly competitive housing market, this service is become ever more relevant and useful to buyers across the pricing spectrum. In some areas of high demand and limited supply it is not unusual for around 30% of housing purchases to be conducted off-market.

Our Off Market Property Search Process

As with all our property searches, we will begin by working closely with yourself to establish a comprehensive brief. This covers the obvious areas of location and price range but also can also consider factors such as local schools, commuter routes, leisure facilities and more. By building this brief together, we’ll be able to clearly establish what you are looking for in your ideal property and start to source both on-market and off-market properties.

Crucial to all our searches is the close relationships that we’ve all developed with local and national estate agents over the years. Estate agents who have dealt with us previously are keenly aware of just how trustworthy and reliable we are and that are clients are ready and able to proceed with a purchase. Subsequently, they are willing to add our clients to their lists of serious, interested buyers. We are then in a great position to request viewings, either with yourself or on your behalf. If the latter, we are more than willing to provide you with photos or a walk-through video of the property, should you require them before deciding to view for yourself.

With a decision made, we can further ease your worries by handling all the negotiations. We will always aim to obtain the best deal for you.

To find out more about this or any of our other services, head to our contact page or call us on 0333 9398300.

  • Video Walk Throughs

    We know properties can look good on websites but in reality are a disappointment in reality. Unlike other home finding companies we offer a unique video walk through service as standard, allowing you to see exactly what the property is like before you step foot in there.

If this service is not what you are looking for then we can also build a bespoke package including some of the following examples.
  • Individual Property Preview Service

    We know properties can look good on websites but in reality are a disappointment in reality. We can visit one property on your behalf and provide a comprehensive report, including photographs / video and an unbiased assessment.

  • Area Familiarisation Visits

    whether you are looking to buy or rent, these days are designed to help you choose your ideal location and become better acquainted with the local property market, transport links, shops, schools, healthcare, leisure etc.

  • Education Support

    We understand this is a key influence on where you’ll want your family home.We can providelocal information, accompany you to appointments with schools and help with the admissions process.

  • Rental Homefinding Days

    In the fast moving rental market, time is of the essence. We can research availability, accompany you to viewings and handle lease negotiations. Properties will not be pre-viewed by us beforehand.

  • Settling In Support

    Tailored to your needs but can include utility set-up, health service registration, banking services, furniture rental, domestic help.