Property in Leamington Spa

Property in Leamington Spa

With its classic Regency architecture seen in residential areas such as Clarendon Square and Lansdowne Circus and along its main retail area on The Parade, Leamington Spa projects a certain sophistication.

In 1814 the Royal Pump Rooms and Baths were opened close to the River Leam. This grand structure attracted many visitors expecting cures by bathing in it’s pools of salty water. Leamington Spa became a popular spa resort attracting the wealthy and famous of the time and construction began of numerous Georgian townhouses to accommodate the new visitors.

The pump rooms are now home to the Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum, incorporating a library, refurbished assembly rooms and a Café popular with the town’s residents of all ages.

Leamington Spa is also closely associated with the founding of lawn tennis. The first tennis club in the world was formed here in 1872 and the modern rules of Lawn Tennis were drawn up here in 1874 in the Leamington Tennis Club. Recently however, Leamington Spa has been dubbed ‘Silicone Spa’ due to the high number of gaming and digital media companies locating here. Its café culture, annual ‘mini Glastonbury’ Peace Festival and live music scene give it a distinctly ‘younger’ feel to its neighbouring towns with many families relocating here from London. Its vibrant atmosphere and affordability of property compared to the South of England make it a popular choice for commuters and those relocating for business. With many independent shops and restaurants and the beautiful Jephson Gardens all within walking distance of the main residential area, it is easy to park the car up on a Friday and spend the weekend exploring all the town has to offer on foot.

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