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At Buying Agent Partnership, we understand the difficulties that come with searching for a new home: the time it takes to make visits, finding the right area with the necessary amenities nearby, a good school, and a fabulous house can be very time consuming. With our residential property services, our local knowledge and decades of experience will aid you in your next move is to save you time, money and stress associated with finding your perfect home.

Life has a way of becoming extraordinarily busy when it comes to moving house and this is where we add the most value; we can give you all the information you need about a local area, allowing you to keep on top of your day to day commitments whilst we get on with finding a home to match your brief.

We know that, for families, little is more important than finding a home with a great school for your children close by.

With our understanding of the local area, we can ensure that you are well-informed about the schooling options before committing any time or energy towards your property search.

We help you consider the amenities that you need, the local area itself, your commute, and any other considerations that could potentially affect your future quality of life.

As part of the search process, we will also thoroughly research any potential local issues that may affect your new home, before you submit an offer.

It is true that moving house as a family has become synonymous with stress but we are great believers that this need not be the case. We are keen to dispel this myth and ensure a smooth process for you and your family, ultimately helping to reduce the strain that it can put on your day to day life.

Finding a new home is a personal matter. Every family is different with their own set of requirements for their new property and area so, at Buying Agent Partnership, we will be as involved as you wish us to be, offering support as and when you need it or facilitate the entire moving process until the day you pick up the keys.

If you are about to take on the task of moving home with your family, you can rely on our residential property services and the experience, dedication and professionalism of our property finders.

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Familiarisation visits to help you choose the right location

Arranging school visits and advising on the admissions process

Sourcing domestic help, local tradespeople and setting up utilities

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Case Studies

Mr and Mrs W were looking to relocate to South Oxfordshire with their young family due to work. They were seeking a property in a village location with access to good state primary school in South Oxfordshire. Their budget was £400k.