Property in Southwold

Oddly enough, this charming Suffolk seaside town owes much of its character to a fire in 1659 which destroyed large parts of the town; the rebuild programme allowed for larger spaces between buildings giving the town generous green spaces and an unusually relaxed, traffic-light feel. Popular with second home owners yet still a functioning, close community with a decent smattering of good quality shops and eating places, the town’s main street is a good place to while away an hour or two of browsing before making for the famous pier, which dates from 1900 and is home to an eclectic and wonderful display of slightly bonkers Victorian-inspired arcade machines.

Why choose Southwold?

The pretty Victorian cottages, classic English pubs, open sea views and appealing beach, good restaurants and coffee shops, and easy road access to the wider magic of the coastal area to the south, make this town a perennial retreat favourite.  Property in Southwold can be tricky to find as the market is small, very local and difficult to access without being ‘on the ground’ and in regular personal contact with the few but well-connected agents in the town, but patient perseverance will result in a rewarding dividend.  Our buying agent in Southwold is well positioned and will be able to open the door to this highly popular town.

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