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Tenant demand for rental properties in the UK continues to grow rapidly and property can be a great investment if you have the best advice, know how to avoid some common pitfalls and take account of all of the costs involved along the way.

Even with some recent tax changes affecting landlords, interest in buy-to-let as a long term investment continues.

Whether you are looking for long term capital growth or to receive a steady rental income, our coverage of both the property purchase and rental markets means we can help you find the perfect investment for your needs or help build your property portfolio.

In particular, our extensive experience of the corporate rental market provides us with valuable insights into the expectations of high quality professional tenants and their preferred locations.

As part of our support we don’t just advise you on the investment opportunity but we can also offer an unrivalled ‘one-stop shop’ service assisting you in finding suitable tenants, appointing a letting agent and even furnishing a property if required.

The most important thing for us at Buying Agent Partnership is ensuring that you are going to get a compelling return on your investment.

This means understanding you and your aims and objectives, whether they be capital growth or rental yield; a full understanding and consideration of all relevant factors in your search will help us greatly in our hunt for your next investment.

We will update you on every aspect of a property to see whether it’s a suitable candidate for investment, even if you currently reside overseas: our virtual property viewing service allows us to give you the lowdown on any property through video or live calls.

As property investment is likely to be more of a business decision once the numbers stack up, and a quicker process than searching for a family home, we can offer a bespoke property finding service tailored for your needs and a specific fee structure for your particular circumstances.

To speak to us further about what we can do to help you build your investment portfolio, please visit our contact page.

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