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Buying Agent Partnership offers professional, independent advice to property buyers.


"Moving house on my own was a big enough step without the challenge of moving to a new area. My late husband and I had always wanted to retire to Cheshire and I was keen to carry on that dream. I needed some independent advice about suitable locations and also whether my budget matched my ideal list of requirements and found the perfect buying agent. I am sure I would not have chosen this house without Lisa’s guidance and support but she helped me prioritise and see what was possible. Even before the purchase was completed she had arranged for the house to be professionally cleaned and lined up a trusted tradesman to fit a new kitchen, bathrooms, furniture and remodel the garden. I'm happy to recommend Buying Agent Partnership's home finder services to anyone considering their next move."

Mrs L, North West

"Our buying agent helped us to find a home when we relocated from the US back home to Harrogate. The thought of trying to find a rental property from so far away was daunting - especially when we had quite a few specific requirements. We had the perfect buying agent; helpful, patient and diligent, and went out of her way to find just what we asked for. She also managed to beat all the competition to secure a wonderful house in a very competitive market. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new home."

Mr and Mrs P, North West

“It was incredibly convenient to have Stephen as our buying agent and undertake all the travelling and searching for us during what was a very busy and stressful time in our family life. Quite simply it would have been impossible to do without his help!"

Ms N, Oxfordshire

As a family we have used a buying agent three times now in three separate counties, all with excellent results finding us exactly what we wanted on each occasion within budget. The benefit has been in effectively translating our needs into opportunities by bringing discipline to our thoughts in the search process and then providing assistance in the purchase execution. Excellent service and dedication to our requirements!

Mr L, Various Counties