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Moving To The UK

Whether you’re an expat returning to Britain, or moving here for the first time, we understand that finding a property can be the last thing on your list. Of course, you need somewhere to live – but you definitely don’t want to spend precious days flying back and forth to view properties which simply don’t tick all your boxes.  

Moving home is stressful enough for most people, but when you’re living in another country, the whole prospect can be even more daunting. With our relocating services here at Buying Agent Partnership, we’re here to find your property, get you settled in – and everything else in between too.

Thanks to our regional property experts and their unbeatable local knowledge, we’re well-placed to find our overseas clients their perfect home here in the UK.

With assistance in finding your property, opening bank accounts and submitting mortgage applications in the UK, through to local amenities advice and even arranging private tours at local schools – we’ve got it covered.

Buying Agent Partnership is here to alleviate the stress of moving to the UK – and hopefully save you some flying time too!

How can a property finder help me move to the UK?

Moving to another country can be daunting – even if it isn’t your first time! With multiple things to consider, like career moves, relocating children and considering commutes to workplaces and local amenities, it isn’t any wonder that moving abroad can feel overwhelming.

Our understanding and knowledgeable property finders have years of experience in their local property markets – allowing them to scour the UK property market for the best home for you and your family.

Thanks to our extensive networks of contacts, we’ve even got access to unlisted properties – as well as connections to local schools and banks to get you situated. Our network of specialist mortgage, banking and legal advisers are experienced in the needs of overseas clients who may not have UK credit history.

Additionally, if you prefer to rent a property when you first arrive to get accustomed to the region, we can help with that too: our relocating to the UK services include rental properties, for short or longer-term rentals. To put it simply, our relocation services allow clients to settle in the UK in their new address  – with minimum stress.

Our Relocation Process

Before we start your property search, we will work with you to understand your likes, preferences and requirements. This in-depth process ensures that you feel comfortable with our understanding of your needs – and allows us to preselect only appropriate homes for us to view on your behalf. Once we’ve found a property in the UK that we feel may be suitable, we’ll update you immediately: by sending a report with our photographs and videos so that you can decide whether it’s worth making the journey.

Remember, our photos and videos also show the parts that estate agents leave out! If you do decide to visit, you’ll be able to travel safe in the knowledge that your trip won’t be wasted – and most importantly, that you may well be about to view your dream home.

Once you’ve chosen your perfect property, we will advise on the next steps and coordinate input from other professionals, such as surveyors and solicitors. Our network of professionals here in the UK work together to ensure you’re getting the best possible advice, right up until the moment you collect your keys.

To tell you the truth, we don’t even stop there. Our property finding agents are always on-hand for any questions you may have following your move – and we’ll never let your phone call go unanswered.

We can also help with

Familiarisation visits to help you choose the right location for you
Finding the right property for you – whether it’s on the market or not
Liaising with owners and estate agents to get the best deal for you and your family
Sourcing specialist financial, mortgage and tax advisers for overseas clients
Opening a UK bank account and setting up utilities, phones and internet services
Coordination of other professional input from surveyors, solicitors, architects etc.
Organising private tours and Open Day visits with local private schools

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Let us take care of you and your needs. With Buying Agent Partnership, securing a property in the UK can be a relaxed and even stress-free experience – letting you focus on the exciting parts! To help you with your move to the UK, we’ve put together the ultimate checklist to ensure that you have everything taken care of.

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