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From Overseas to Oxford

The brief

R and C had recently arrived in Oxford from overseas, and were renting a property until they could find somewhere to buy. Schools had already been identified for their children in North Oxford, and so they wanted a family property which was within good access to the schools, railway links to London and cycle access to the city centre. R was employed by the University but frequently travelled overseas, requiring good transport links, and C was regularly in London with his work.

Search Criteria

  • Family Property – The client required a family property to live in with their children
  • Transport Links – The client wanted good transport links both to overseas and London
  • London Links – The client worked in London regularly and needed easy access to the capital

How Buying Agent Partnership helped

A face-to-face meeting was arranged so that Stephen, Buying Agent Partnership’s Director for Oxfordshire, could understand the client’s property requirements in more detail. Especially helpful were the details of properties R and C shared that they had already considered, but rejected for various reasons. Shortly after the meeting, Stephen toured the preferred area with the pair to identify the types of property that they would like to buy – and the roads on which they would like to live if they were available. The relevant marketing material was produced and delivered to appropriate properties.

Stephen quickly initiated conversations with several estate agent contacts, ensuring that they were aware that R and C were both able and keen to buy quickly without a sale. Stephen was soon contacted with details of a particular property which was solely available “off-market” and which was not being advertised.

Several “off-market” properties were offered and Stephen viewed many properties on behalf of the client, but was able to determine that these did not sufficiently meet the clients’ requirements for their home.

Finally, a suitable property was offered to Stephen for viewing – which ticked all the boxes for R and C! An offer was submitted and a deal negotiated by Stephen, which was successful and led to R and C’s offer being accepted.

Following on from this success, Stephen continued to help R and C settle into the property! Thanks to Buying Agent Partnership’s wide network of local contacts, Stephen was able to put R and C in touch with local builders, surveyors and architects that were personally recommended by Stephen, in order to help with their planned improvements to the property.

The happy ending

R and C are now happily living in North Oxford, in the property sourced and secured by Buying Agent Partnership. Their search took just under 6 months, thanks to the specific requirements of the property, and they are well into their home improvement project and very happy in the property!

How Buying Agent Partnership delivered value

  • Stephen was able to use specialist local knowledge to find an area within Oxford that was unknown to the clients; it had not been on their shortlist initially but they were quickly taken with it!
  • Using contacts and his personal professional network, Stephen was able to source a property which was not even listed on the market, to get his clients the best possible deal
  • Stephen’s expertise allowed him to visit and sift through several properties which may have seemed ideal for R and C’s needs; however, he was able to shortlist the most suitable so that no time was wasted in the search.


“I’m deeply grateful to Stephen for his professional advice and support in finding our home in Oxford. He is responsive, caring, and highly skilled in all aspects of the property buying process. Stephen invests a lot of time in the search, but also plays a critical role with the estate agents and solicitors at completion. Most importantly, he wants what’s best for you and will help you figure out what’s important in the home you’re buying”

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