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From Snowdonia to Central Cheshire

The brief

Dr & Dr L had moved to Snowdonia in their early retirement. On reaching their mid 80s they realised that, although very attached to their current home, their day-to-day life was becoming less practical. So, with family and friends across the UK and US, they decided they needed to move closer to shops, services and transport links.

Search criteria

  • 4 bed detached house – To provide enough space for visiting family.
  • Market town, Cheshire – Combining the benefits of a rural location and nearby amenities.
  • Good transport links – To make traveling to visit friends and family easy.
  • Local amenities – Handy shopping and services in close proximity.

How Buying Agent Partnership helped

They were very daunted by the prospect of travelling to see lots of properties in locations they didn’t really know, and after discussions they had come to the conclusion that they needed independent help. After an initial discussion, our expert property finder decided to focus the search around the market towns and larger villages of Cheshire.

The happy ending

The solution came in the form of a 4 bed detached house within walking distance of Nantwich town centre. Although less than 15 minutes’ drive to the M6 motorway, the location provided an excellent blend of town and country, and the house had plenty of space for the grandchildren to stay.

How Buying Agent Partnership added value

  • Our expert property finder was able to shortlist suitable properties meeting the client’s specific requirements
  • The property, sat between town and country, allowed the pair to enjoy the rural setting whilst remaining close by to their families
  • The transport links (15 minutes’ drive from the M6) helped to connect the clients to their family and friends.

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