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Advice From A Property Finder: Leaving London

February 21, 2018

Advice From A Property Finder: Leaving London

London’s chronic housing shortage is well-documented but there are increasingly more and more reasons why people are beginning to feel the need to move out. In our experience, there are three main motivations why  people reach out to a property finder to help them leave London.

Our Property Finder Reasons To Leave London

  1. More house for your hard-earned money

We’ve all heard stories about people who’ve sold their central London terrace house and subsequently used the money to buy a castle in Scotland. Whilst these are clearly unique cases (don’t go getting your hopes up!) the general point still stands; you can afford far more square footage out in the shires. In addition, you’re far more likely to secure off-street parking and a decent size garden.

Recent clients of ours swapped a two bedroom apartment in Wimbledon for a 4 bedroom country home with land and actually shortened their commute!

  1. Starting a family

A major factor in many individual’s decision to relocate is the prospect of raising a family in London. If you’re concerned about air pollution levels, a lack of open space, higher crime rates and all the general hustle bustle, you may wish to consider a move. You won’t be alone in doing so. Since 2014, the number of 30-somethings leaving London has risen by 25%. According to the Office of National Statistics, 64% of London leavers stay in the wider South East or East of England so that they can commute back in. Out in the countryside there is a wider variety of outdoor activities on offer, less traffic to worry about and close-knit communities.

  1. Time to retire

Lots of people who may have built their careers in London see retirement as a great opportunity to perhaps return to their roots , or again realise their valuable assets in the capital and use the proceeds of sale as the funding for their retirement both in terms of pension and retirement home.

A Buying Agent Partnership property finder can assist you in moving anywhere in the UK outside of London. Contact us on 0330 223 6339 to discuss how we can help you.

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