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Benefits of Rural and Equestrian Estate Agents

November 6, 2017

Benefits of Rural and Equestrian Estate Agents

Whilst most UK estate agents cover a general portfolio of properties, this may not be the best way of selling your home if you have a rural or equestrian property, there are many benefits of rural and equestrian estate agents.

Specialist rural and equestrian estate agents provide a niche yet vital service in the UK.  Using their specialist knowledge and years of experience, they can be best placed to help sell these rarer, often more complicated properties.

When considering buying such a property it is also worth choosing a property finder who has good links with specialist rural and equestrian estate agents and knowledge of the market themselves.

Any advice offered to buyers should reflect the intended use of the property and land. A riding school, stud farm or livery stables will all have different considerations than a family looking for a house with land for a small child’s pony.

However, for any equestrian property search, you will want to learn as much about the property and associated land as is feasibly possible.  For example, knowing whether or not the soil is free-draining or rather clay-based, whether there are potentially poisonous plants or weeds present. Such detail is of little consequence to most home buyers or traditional estate agents, but can make all the difference to an equestrian property buyer. After all, this is the land that your horse will live on, exercise on and that you will need to manage and maintain it year round.

Similarly, other considerations like access to the bridleway network or quiet country lanes for riding out need to be borne in mind as well.

Benefits of Rural and Equestrian Estate Agents to Buy Land

If you plan on purchasing land rather than property, perhaps to build your dream home, a rural and equestrian estate agent should be able to provide the necessary advice. From a seller’s perspective, they will be able to advise you on whether or not it would be more profitable to sell your land as one lot or divide it into smaller parcels.  Buyers should expect advice on planning policies for the area, permitted development rights and any potential usage restrictions or local occupancy conditions.

Much rural property changes hands privately, particularly in the case of farms and larger estates. By making various rural and equestrian estate agents aware of your interest, or instructing a property buying agent to do so on your behalf, more opportunities will open up.

Buying Agent Partnership have years of experience working with rural and equestrian estate agents and those looking to start a life in the countryside. Contact us on 0330 223 6339 to discuss how we can help you.

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