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Best UK Property Finders: What Qualities To Look Out For

April 1, 2019

Best UK Property Finders: What Qualities To Look Out For

When it comes to the best UK property finders, they have several things in common. They possess an abundance of knowledge about their local area, years of experience in property and a motivation to find and secure your ideal property. But how can you tell if your property finder checks these boxes? Read below to discover how.

Qualities Of The Best UK Property Finders


In this industry, experience counts for a lot. Before committing to a particular property finder, we would always recommend doing a bit of background research first. A more experienced property finder knows exactly what to look out for when casting their discerning eye over marketing material or visiting the house in person, and won’t be taken in by cleverly staged photos or inflated prices. Try and find out how long they have been operating in the area as this will give you a good indication of the strength of their contacts and knowledge of the local property market.

In addition to learning how long they’ve been in the property finding business for, see if you can discover their success rate. How consistent are they at finding a property that meets the client’s brief,? Whilst client confidentiality may prevent them from providing any great detail, they should be able to refer you to case studies or client testimonials. From these, you’ll have a better understanding if there is any substance behind the bluster as well as a sense of what they’re like to work with as a person.

An online search may reveal detailed profiles by independent sources such as newspapers, giving further weight to a property finder’s proposition.


Buying a property is a major life event and so you need to be able to trust the individual who is guiding you in that decision. If possible, always arrange to meet the person who you’ll be working with before you commit to their services.   The best UK property finders are not only incredibly knowledgeable about their subject but, just as importantly are able to set their clients at ease and listen to their requirements and feedback. Two-way communication is essential to the success of a property search so choose an expert who can also empathise with your situation and pick up on the nuances of your requirements.  Often key lifestyle factors or motivations can be left unsaid when describing a property solely in terms of size and location. It should also go without saying that your property finder should be willing to communicate by your preferred method at a time that suits you. It is definitely not a 9-5 job.


Part of the property finding service involves handling the negotiation of a final purchase price. It is here that the best UK property finders can really prove their worth by securing you a notable price reduction. Check the fee structure of your potential property finder to see if there is any financial incentive for them to put their all into the negotiation process. For example, at Buying Agent Partnership, our property finders have the added motivation that they can secure a higher fee for their services, the larger the discount they secure.

Local Knowledge

The best UK property finders have an excellent understanding of their local area, from the quality of the local schools to which postcodes are up-and-coming. They have a strong awareness of the state of the local property market which informs their advice on the pricing of a particular property. If the property finder appears unsure or confused when you start to name places you’re interested in or ask questions about local services or landmarks, it could be a sign that they are new to the area. Pay particular attention to this if you’re working with a property finder who operates nationally rather than in a specific area

Industry Bodies & Regulations

It may not surprise you that anyone can set themselves up in business as a property finder.  However there are certain codes of conduct and regulations to guide their operation and to ensure standards are upheld.   In particular you should ensure your property finder is a member of The Property Ombudsman Scheme and abide by their Code of Conduct for Buying Agents. Another key industry body is the Association of Relocation Professionals. As with other property professionals, property finders are also required to be supervised by HMRC to ensure they comply with Anti-Money Laundering regulation.

If you have any further questions about what qualities to look for in the best UK property finders or are interested in our services, get in touch with us at or call 0330 223 6339.

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