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Can Buying Agent Partnership Advise Me On Selling My House?

March 26, 2021

Can Buying Agent Partnership Advise Me On Selling My House?

Here at Buying Agent Partnership, our priority is always our clients. Finding our clients their perfect property and getting them the best deal is always our focus when it comes to our property finding services; however, our property finders are also often asked by our clients to advise on the selling of their existing homes.

Often, it’s the case that clients need to sell their current homes before they can proceed with a new purchase – and for first-time sellers in particular, this can be a challenging task! In these challenging times, it’s become fairly commonplace for estate agents to ask for the sale of the client’s current property to be completed, so that the client can be considered a serious buyer.

How Can Buying Agent Partnership Help? 

Our experts at Buying Agent Partnership can provide completely impartial advice. We often know which are the most professional estate agents in an area, and we also know which type of property is most popular with potential buyers.

Many vendors are keen to sell their home discreetly, and aren’t always aware of the techniques used by agents to sell their homes. For example, we were recently asked by somebody how to best sell their home quickly but very discreetly. We knew that their property was sure to be very popular, so we advised the seller to ask their agent simply to approach property finders like ourselves and not to place the property on a popular online property platform like Rightmove.

The agent approached the property finders, and a buyer who could proceed immediately was found in the first week. Simply by knowing the market, and recognising a popular property, we were able to assist the vendors in selling their property.

How can property finders advise me on selling my house ?

Often, clients approach us to find their next home before they have sold their own property. This, of course, has been what we might think of as the ‘traditional’ approach in the past:  a client might decide to move, at which point they would seek out a new property, and then put their own house on the market.

As many in our industry will be aware, this strategy is not successful in a sparse property market like the current market. In many cases, due to a shortage of quality property in many sought-after areas, agents will not advise their clients to accept an offer from a potential buyer who cannot proceed without first selling their home.

As a result, we at Buying Agent Partnership strongly advise our clients to sell first before they start looking, and if possible, consider renting in the area that they have decided to move to before they decide to buy. Thanks to our expertise in & knowledge of the market, we can certainly help clients to find a rented property before they buy and get them in such a position that they will move quickly to the front of the queue as a buyer.

If advice on selling your existing home sounds like a service you’d benefit from, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Buying Agent Partnership can additionally advise you on your mortgage options, putting you in touch with local independent mortgage brokers to ensure you have the full information before going ahead with your chosen bank. This may vary; whether you’re employed full-time, part-time or self-employed, so it’s important to ensure you’ve considered all mortgage options that could be right for you.

It’s key to note that there’s no commitment with Buying Agent Partnership to feel pressed into an early decision or to settle on a property early in the process. Our priority is your satisfaction, so we’ll never encourage you to press forward with a sale if it’s not the best property for you at that moment.

Speak to Buying Agent Partnership today to see how we can help to advise you on the whole process of selling and buying and find your new address – with minimum stress!

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