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Can I Use A Property Finder On A Budget?

January 31, 2018

Can I Use A Property Finder On A Budget?

To put it succinctly, yes! Forget everything you’ve ever heard about property finders only working for media-shy celebrities and foreign investors looking to buy eye-catching mansions or central London property. People from all walks of life are now investing in the services of a property finder to find their ideal home, whether it be rental or an outright purchase. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t too.

Property Finders Offer Real Value For Money

If the cost of using a property finder is making you nervous, we would encourage you to consider how much that one individual can improve the entire experience. By visiting and subsequently discounting a wide variety of properties on your behalf, a property finder can take a lot of the stress and frustration out of your move. No longer will you need to take time out of your busy life only to then feel let down by a property that fails to live up to your expectations or the estate agent’s hype. From a financial perspective, you can actually save money at this stage as you avoid the associated expenses of visiting a property. If you’re currently living outside the UK and were planning on flying over for visits, this could be a major bonus.

Further savings can be made towards the end of the house buying process. Our property finders’ years of experience and extensive knowledge of the local property markets ensure that they’re in the best possible position to negotiate the sale on your behalf. At Buying Agent Partnership, our particular fee structure actually incentivises our property finders to push for the very best deal possible. Our fees are calculated as either 1.5% of the purchase price of the property or 15% of the negotiated saving if greater. Clearly, it is in our own interests to negotiate the highest price reduction possible for you.

Even at 1.5% this compares well with typical fees of between 2-3% from some of the London based property finding companies.


Additional Property Finder Services

If you’re still not ready to commit to our full property buying service, we do offer some stand-alone elements. These all start at £450+VAT per day. Maybe you’ve seen a house online and want an independent opinion?  If you just want us to do the initial legwork and check out a single property on your behalf, we are more than willing to do so. Alongside photos and optional video, we will provide you with detailed feedback identifying which of your criteria it meets and where any compromise would need to be made – allowing you to make a better informed decision about whether to see it for yourself.

Alternatively, you could choose to use our local expertise before the house purchase. If you are moving to a completely new region and are keen to get settled quickly, we can give you a guided tour as part of an area familiarisation visit. This can cover handy advice about traffic congestion hotspots, local health services and regular community events to help you decide the best place to live. For families, we can also help you with the all-important school selection. We will provide you with details on admissions procedures, the latest exam results, Ofsted reports, and fees if applicable and can arrange and accompany you on school visits.

For more details of the bespoke services we can offer you, please see here.

Buying Agent Partnership are a group of highly experienced property finders who will always work to secure you the best deal possible. Contact us on 0330 223 6339 to discuss how we can help you.


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