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Why Choose A Waterside Property In Cornwall?

April 8, 2019

Why Choose A Waterside Property In Cornwall?

Boasting hundreds of miles of stunning coastline with gorgeous golden sandy beaches, Cornwall is ideal for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. Renowned for its slower pace of life and more laidback and easy-going approach, Cornwall life is markedly different to that of a busy inner city. That’s why it is such a popular choice for retirees, young families, creatives, adventure seekers and anyone else who simply wants to get away from it all. With so much to offer, we think it is clear why you should choose a waterside property in Cornwall.

Why choose a waterside property in Cornwall? Watersports

When it comes to watersports, Cornwall has it covered. The wild north coast of Cornwall is particularly popular with surfers. Waves of up to 8-10 feet roll in off the Atlantic Ocean, producing some truly impressive swells in winter. One of the major advantages of surfing in Cornwall is that if the waves are looking flat on the north coast, it is just a short drive down to the south coast. As a result, the county frequently hosts pro-surfing events. If you should choose a waterside property in Cornwall, you could be down amongst the waves as dawn breaks. Start your day right before heading into work.

If surfing isn’t for you, don’t worry. There is a whole host of other watersports on offer, including windsurfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, wakeboarding and fishing. Cornwall is certainly a hotspot for sailors. People like to use it as base to head off to the Isles of Scilly or the Atlantic. Others love to explore the many smugglers’ and pirates’ caves that dot this rugged, historic coastline.

Why choose a waterside property in Cornwall? Peace of mind

Back on land, a coastal path winds its way around the whole of the Cornish coastline, affording you some truly stunning views. Furthermore, there is evidence to suggest that spending time by the sea inhaling the fresh air, listening to the soothing sounds of waves breaking and taking in the vastness of the ocean, can be beneficial to your mental health. If you used to holiday in the county as a child, choosing to buy a waterside property in Cornwall could help bring back those happy and relaxing memories.

If you prefer a more sedate lifestyle, why not take inspiration from these views and try your hand at art? Cornwall has a strong community of creatives so there are always classes and workshops for you to join and get stuck in. If you’re new to the area, this could be a brilliant way to make friends. By choosing a waterside property in Cornwall, you will have to look no further than the landscape outside your window for inspiration.

Why choose a waterside property in Cornwall? Investment Opportunity

Whether you are looking for a long-term family home or a holiday let opportunity, Cornwall is a brilliant county to invest in. The Cornish property market tends to weather the ups and downs of the wider UK property market particularly well, thanks in part to the consistent interest in waterside properties. One particular area of interest is the abundance of tired and dated waterside bungalows. Their relatively large plots make them ideal for redevelopment and expansion.

Holiday lets are a popular option for anyone looking to make money from their waterside property. Cornwall is so popular among holiday makers that at the height of the season, you can charge the same amount for one week as you would for a whole month in a buy-to-let elsewhere. Unlike other areas of the UK, Cornwall receives consistently high numbers of visitors each year. If you choose a waterside property in Cornwall and provide a good level of service, you will have a near guaranteed income stream each year.


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