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Cotswolds Home: Your “Escape To The Country” Property Search

November 27, 2017

Cotswolds Home: Your “Escape To The Country” Property Search

Thanks to the area’s outstanding natural beauty, a Cotswolds home is exceedingly sought after. The historic towns are built from a beautiful golden Cotswold stone and are situated in stunning countryside. Once upon a time, the Cotswolds was the location of choice for the elite and landed gentry of England. However, over recent years it has also become a preferred location for young families, retirees and anyone else who enjoys living in an area that offers an idyllic rural lifestyle but also easy access to large cities such as London, Oxford and Birmingham.

Who would benefit from a Cotswolds home?

As mentioned above, a Cotswolds home can be beneficial for a whole variety of different people; whether you are retired, have a young family or run a business, the Cotswolds could offer you the home and lifestyle you desire. There are of course tourist spots which are extremely popular but the Cotswolds is not just limited to this – from traditional cottages to period and contemporary country houses with land attached, there is something for everyone in this historic part of the UK.

Interestingly, in a recent survey by Certas Energy, it was discovered that one in ten Brits would relocate to the Cotswolds and many would pay 21 per cent more to live in the countryside.

For families, what can be most attractive is the rural lifestyle combined with the excellent choice of private and state schools. For professionals, the transport links to the North Cotswolds are outstanding. You can now travel to London in under an hour from Oxford Parkway and Banbury – excellent news for commuters and those who have a career in London but wish to enjoy the quiet life that the Cotswolds can offer during an evening or on the weekend. It is especially ideal for the increasing number of people who have a main home in London during the week and a rural home for the weekend and holidays.

How much does a property cost in the Cotswolds?

The prices of a Cotswolds home can vary dramatically. If it is a modest traditional cottage, you can expect to spend in the region of £200,000. However, if you are looking for a period country home, there is a very wide range of values and properties are likely to have a value from anything around £500,000 to in excess of £20,000,000!.

The appeal of the Cotswolds continues to grow and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. It is a popular place to live for creative business owners, families seeking a healthier lifestyle and of course celebrities seeking to escape to the country for a greater opportunity to relax in private. If you are still unsure, please get in touch and we will be delighted to show you in more detail what this area can offer.

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