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Buying Agent Partnership: 30 Years Of Property Finder Excellence

April 23, 2018

Buying Agent Partnership: 30 Years Of Property Finder Excellence

In 2018, Buying Agent Partnership is celebrating its 30th birthday! Founded back in 1988, we have travelled the length and breadth of the UK to find people their perfect home. Whether buying or renting, we have secured significant discounts for our clients and saved them a great deal of time and stress. Over the years we’ve taken on all manner of briefs, from ex-pats heading back to the UK to city dwellers looking for the dream holiday bolthole and retirees wishing to downsize in their retirement.

We take great joy and pride in our work, knowing the importance and magnitude of this decision to our clients.

But how has Buying Agent Partnership changed in 30 years?

The Digital Revolution

Arguably the biggest change we’ve experienced at Buying Agent Partnership has been the rise of the internet. It is no exaggeration to say that the internet has revolutionised the UK property market. These days, nearly every property search begins online. Even when individuals aren’t actively considering a move they will still frequently scroll through the online listings and keep a close eye on what is new to the market. Indeed, research by Direct Line suggests that 2.6 million of us check a property website at least once a day.

However, Buying Agent Partnership is still going strong, thanks to our considerable experience, local knowledge and extensive networks. We still hear about the best properties in the most sought-after locations before they ever reach the open market. In many instances, these are properties that the public would never hear about, even online.

Hand in hand with the internet came email, another game changer. A significant proportion of clients are still living overseas when they first contact us, often in different time zones. Email helps us more easily communicate with them when a phone call isn’t possible or they’d like to see something in writing.  Furthermore, we can send on the photos and video that form an integral part of our potential property reports. This might all seem very basic today but 20 years ago it transformed how quickly and easily we could communicate with clients. The rise of mobile phones had a similar impact.

A Different Type Of Client  

Since 1988, our client profile has diversified quite a bit. In the early years, Buying Agent Partnership predominantly dealt with expats and retirees who were unfamiliar with the property market. In many cases, they had purchased the family home decades before and needed our assistance and guidance through an often emotional property search.

Nowadays, we deal with a greater mix of people who are all at different stages in their life. Incredibly busy young professionals come to us to ease their stress and take one thing off their plate. City dwellers want to our local expertise when purchasing property in unfamiliar areas of the countryside. Families want our advice on the best schools and their admissions policies. Whatever the situation, we can find a solution.

We take great joy and pride in our work, knowing the importance and magnitude of this decision to our clients.

Buying Agent Partnership have 30 years of experience in the UK property market and know it inside out. Contact us on 0330 223 6339 to discuss how we can use our expertise and knowledge to help you find the perfect property.


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