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Finding an Equestrian Property in Cheshire 

December 18, 2020

Finding an Equestrian Property in Cheshire 

The Brief…

L had been a previous client of Buying Agent Partnership, who for many years had been living happily with her partner, 3 dogs and her eventing horses in her traditional farmhouse, with over 100 acres of land, on the Cheshire/Shropshire border.

However, as time went on,  it became clear that it was probably time to downsize. The client wanted to downsize to a 3-4 bed traditional house with garden, outbuildings, equestrian facilities, and approx. 20-30 acres of land … and ideally an indoor fitness/swimming pool!

As L continued to compete internationally (and her partner ran a publishing business from home) it was clear that office space and ancillary staff accommodation were also going to be critical. Their requested  search area covered the areas around South Cheshire, North Shropshire and North Staffordshire,  so that they would never be too far away from the main transport networks.

How Buying Agent Partnership helped

Having established the initial brief, and visited L and her partner C in their current home, our local property finder buying agent set about identifying a longlist of potential properties through contact with local estate agents and also through her local networks of contacts.

As the brief was very specific, the longlist of suitable properties was actually quite short and any unsuitable properties were quickly ruled out by the clients.   However, there was one property which hadn’t made it to L’s shortlist, which our local buying agent still felt was worth viewing.

Upon arranging to view the property, it quickly became apparent that another buyer was seriously interested and L. would need to act quickly to secure it L was still unsure, but agreed to see the property anyway for comparison purposes. Despite any initial misgivings, it didn’t take L long to fall for the stunning period property, with its breathtaking views and the opportunities it provided their family in the future.  A further viewing was quickly arranged so that L’s partner and family could see it too – luckily, they felt the same!

Once an acceptable purchase price had been negotiated, our local buying agent continued to provide support with the remainder of the move.  To fulfil the clients’ vision for the property, it became clear that they needed professional advice from a surveyor, architect and planning consultant. our local buying agent was able to use her trusted contacts to put that support in place, so that no time was wasted once the property became theirs.

The Happy Ending

Six months from starting the search, the clients were the proud owners of their beautiful new home, and were able to move in, complete with the dogs and horses, in summer 2019. Work began on converting the adjoining barn and office accommodation for their staff and plans for a swimming pool began immediately. By October 2019, the move was complete!

How Buying Agent Partnership delivered value: 

  • Our local buying agent was able to use their local knowledge to source the best properties both on and off the market
  • Our local buying agent’s understanding of the client’s specific requirements, complete with the need for equestrian facilities and local riding options, helped to target the most suitable houses
  • Our local buying agent utilised their expertise to negotiate the very best price for her client in the face of stiff competition
  • Our local buying agent’s working relationship with trusted surveyors, architects and planning consultants helped the client to build on their vision as soon as they had moved into their new home

The client said…

“I’m spending loads of time in the garden, and many people have said how lovely it is looking. We’ve made new friends in the village, and love the pub there. The horses love their new houses, and we also love the swimming pool … and, after all the wet weather in the winter, the horses can now go out and munch grass!”

If you’d like to speak to our local agent, or any of our expert property finders to see if we can find your perfect address – with minimum stress! – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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