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A Guide to Rental Property Search

June 23, 2017

A Guide to Rental Property Search

The rental property search process can be a confusing time, whether it’s your first property or your tenth. From rental prices to the standard of furnishings, there’s a lot for you to consider. Sometimes you might need to conduct a rental property search swiftly. This is perfectly possible but there are considerations to be made and so we have created a guide to rental property search for you . By doing your research early on, you can save a lot of time and effort in the future.

Your Guide to Rental Property Search

Before you even start your rental property search, take time to list your priorities. You might get lucky and find the property of your dreams but, more than likely, you are going to have to compromise somewhere. The rental market moves very quickly and supply of properties is often limited – particularly during the summer months – so you often don’t have much time to make up your mind.   Establishing your red lines right at the start will narrow down your options and make the search itself so much more manageable but also be clear on where you are prepared to be flexible. For example, if you own a large dog or have children, a garden may be a significant factor for you.  Another key consideration is parking. Is off-street parking a necessity for you?

At this early stage, you can further narrow down your rental property search by establishing whether you require a furnished or un-furnished home. If you already own your own furniture and don’t wish to sell it, the latter option is likely the most suitable. When viewing furnished properties, pay particular attention to the condition of any electrical goods. It’s also worth remembering that if you damage any furniture whilst living in the property you are liable to lose your deposit.

It might be a cliché but location truly is important. Think carefully about how far you are willing to travel to work, schools, visit family etc. If you are reliant on public transport it is certainly worth assessing the frequency and quality of local networks. Much of this information can be found on local authority websites.

When viewing a rental property, pay close attention to the details. They may come back to haunt you in the future otherwise. Here are just a few things to take notice of:

  • The water pressure of any showers
  • The presence of any damp or mould
  • Any damage to floorings- this can be easily hidden so have a good look
  • Whether locks on windows and doors are functioning, and if they open smoothly
  • Light switches
  • Condition of the roof and drains e.g. missing tiles
  • When the boiler was last serviced

On a final note, something to bear in mind throughout a rental property search is how comfortable you feel with the landlord or management company. If communication is difficult in these early stages, it doesn’t bode well for any future relationship.   Having a professional property finder on your side from the start can help ensure any negotiation goes smoothly, that the tenancy terms are fair and reasonable and that your rights are properly protected once you’ve moved in.

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