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How Can A Property Finder Help Your Equestrian Property Search?

August 26, 2021

How Can A Property Finder Help Your Equestrian Property Search?

Here at Buying Agent Partnership, our clients and their needs are as varied as the properties we handle. From families seeking to move to the UK from overseas, to those searching for inner-city apartments, to those searching for lands and barns in which they can begin a Class Q Conversion, we’re proud to have knowledge of a hugely diverse range of properties. One property type for which we often receive enquiries is the equestrian property – clients seeking homes with either attached stable facilities, fields, or the possibility of planning permission in order to ensure that both they and their horses will feel right at home.

So, what should you be looking for in an equestrian property? How can our experts here at Buying Agent Partnership help you find the right property for your ponies? Let’s take a look.

What Is An Equestrian Property?

Firstly, let’s get into the details of how exactly we define an equestrian property. As you might imagine, equestrian properties are those in which there is sufficient space, infrastructure or land in which to house horses or ponies that are owned, part-owned or leased by the individuals or clients.

It’s also true that an equestrian property can be defined in a slightly different way to that above – often, local landowners and farmers can allow the use of their own pastures and fields nearby to your property.

Finding Equestrian Properties

Finding equestrian properties can be difficult for a number of reasons. Firstly, the simple fact is that such properties may be in short supply: properties with enough land in which to raise  – and ride – horses here in the UK are naturally in high demand. It can also be important to look for equestrian properties in specific locations; certain regions have a higher proportion of equestrian properties than others. This is partially to do with the nature of the landscape, along with the affordability of properties with enough land to rear and ride horses. Certain regions have more in the way of viable, affordable equestrian properties than others  – let’s take a look.

What UK Regions Have Equestrian Properties?

Norfolk, East Anglia

Norfolk, as well as the wider region of East Anglia, boasts a great number of equestrian properties. This is partially due to the greenery of the region: the waterways, beaches and cliffs present perfect horse-riding opportunities; while the spaciousness of the region means there are plenty of properties that would be ideal for equestrian life. To connect with our dedicated Norfolk and East Anglia property finder, please don’t hesitate to get in touch here.

Cotswolds: Cheltenham & Berkshire

The Cotswolds is to many an idyllic countryside paradise, that brings to mind horse-riding as easily as it might walking in beautiful hills and dales, and relaxing beauty-spots. In particular the towns of the Cotswolds, Cheltenham & Berkshire, the connections to equestrian properties are undeniable thanks to the areas’ equestrian connections: the Cheltenham Races, for instance, are a key attraction in the region. To find out more about equestrian properties in the Cotswolds, you can get in touch with our local buying agent.

Southport, Merseyside

Southport has further strong links to the equestrian community. As a result of the region’s popularity when it comes to producing Grand National racecourses, the spaciousness and greenery of the area is almost unmatched. With equestrian properties not such a rarity, it’s perhaps no surprise that the quality of life here for both people and ponies is second-to-none. Get in touch with our dedicated regional property finder here to discuss your equestrian property needs.

How Can Buying Agent Partnership Help Me Find An Equestrian Property?

Our expert property finders are well-versed in the challenges and processes of equestrian property. Speaking to our property buying agents is a sure-fire way to find the best and most suitable equestrian properties on the UK market; particularly in light of our access to off-market properties all across the country. With dedicated property finders in each part of England, we can have the breadth of property knowledge you need to find your perfect equestrian home – so get in touch!

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