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Need Help With Your ‘Escape To The Country’?

August 22, 2018

Need Help With Your ‘Escape To The Country’?

Dreaming about a rural life but need help with your ‘Escape To The Country’? Well, there’s no need to go on a television programme to find your perfect country home. A property finder will be able to provide you with the same experience whilst taking in a greater number of properties and providing you with ongoing assistance after the deal is done. We also won’t make you guess the market price!

At Buying Agent Partnership, we have helped numerous individuals and families find their dream countryside escape. Each has moved for their own personal reasons but there is generally a desire to leave behind the pressures and stresses of city life in favour of the relative tranquillity and slower pace of the countryside.

Need Help With Your ‘Escape To The Country’? Viewing Properties Online And In Person

Unlike on ‘Escape To The Country’, there is no arbitrary limit to the number of houses we can show you. We don’t believe that restricting you to just 3 or 4 houses will always result in the best possible outcome, particularly if the area is completely new to you. It can take time to find your feet and often, people need to see a few properties to firmly decide what it is that they do and don’t like.

In the first few seasons of ‘Escape To The Country’ (think early 2000s), the participants were actually filmed viewing information and photos of the 4 selected properties online. They were then asked to select 2 of the 4 to view in person. Whilst this remains a key element of a Buying Agent Partnership property search, it is not the only source of potential properties.

One of the most common reasons why people choose to use a property finder is that they simply do not have the time or resources to devote to scouring properties online and arranging to view them, only to then be disappointed. This is a particularly big problem for those currently living overseas. The cost of a flight, rental car or public transport and a hotel, can quickly mount up. In addition, they may also want access to properties that never reach the open market – either because the vendors want to handle the sale privately or because they are pre-marketed to a selected range of buyers and buyers’ agents.

Having agreed a brief with you that states your property requirements, we will go away and produce a long list of properties. We will then visit each of these properties on your behalf and prepare a digital feedback report for you. As well as containing our professional opinions and recommendations about the property, it will also feature photographs and video as required. At Buying Agent Partnership we aim to give you as accurate an overview of the property as possible, drawing your attention to those areas that the estate agent or vendor smoothed over. By working in this way, we can ensure that you only view the strongest contenders as your shortlist.

Need Help With Your ‘Escape To The Country’? Getting To Know The Local Area

Each Buying Agent Partnership property finder has a specific area on which they concentrate – and live themselves Over the years, they have been able to build up a wealth of local knowledge and contacts in addition to excellent relationships with local estate agents. This means that have a strong awareness of local market trends and are often among the first to hear about any off-market property opportunities.

Just like on ‘Escape To The Country’, we are more than happy to give you a tour of the local area, highlighting the best bits and giving you helpful, practical information. This is what we call an Area Familiarisation Visit. We can tell you all about nearby transport networks and regular traffic hotspots, schooling, local leisure facilities, medical care options and fun family days out – in fact whatever is important to helping you make the right decision for your family

For families, one of the biggest stresses involved with moving home is changing schools. Through our School Support service, we can provide you with information about and rankings of local state comprehensive, grammar and private schools. From there we can guide you through the school admissions process, explaining any criteria that you may be required to meet, and accompanying you on school visits if required.

If you need help with your ‘Escape To The Country’, look no further than the property finders of Buying Agent Partnership. Contact us on 0330 223 6339 to discuss how we can help you.

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