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Now is a Good Time to Move out of London to the Country

October 14, 2016

Now is a Good Time to Move out of London to the Country

There’s never been a better time to move out of London to the country to the Home Counties, Oxfordshire, and the Cotswolds. Buying Agent Partnership can help you make that move.

 Why now is a good time to move leave London and head for the country.


The city’s getting bigger. Your daily commute is getting more stressful. Columns upon columns of identical suited people tread the same weary path, day in and day out, their glazed eyes barely looking up from smartphones or the morning Metro. Vehicles hum mindlessly back and forth, a continuous cacophony of tedium and dirt.


Pollution is at an all time high. Population is at an all time high. House prices are at an all time high. But increasingly, people are turning their attention away from London and towards cleaner, greener spaces elsewhere in the home counties.



Of course for the most part, the jobs are still in London. Fortunately, transport links from elsewhere are better than ever. Banbury to London takes just an hour, and so does Oxford Parkway to Marylebone, Reigate to London well under an hour. Compare that with some commutes across London which can take at least the same time, especially when there is disruption on the Underground.


Areas like Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds, Surrey and Kent are clean, green and spacious, and the way of life is totally different. It’s slower. More laid back. There comes a time in people’s lives when the hustle and bustle of the city is less of an excitement and more of a chore than it used to be. When the crammed pub doesn’t mean liveliness and energy, it means you’ll spend forever waiting to be served and then have to stand up all night.


As well as the quality of living, the cost of living is much better outside of London. As house prices increase at a slower rate beyond the city, and with Brexit casting uncertainty on the housing market, there has never been a better time to purchase property outside of London than today.



But it’s no secret that house buying is difficult. Just seeking properties is another thing that busy professionals with families have to add to their to-do list. Buying Agent Partnership is a property finder for those who are too busy to search or simply just fed up of searching through property portals with the dire shortage of available properties.


When searching for a house, buyers will find that sellers want certainty and often contracts need to be exchanged within 28 days and in some locations over a third of properties are sold off the market. Buying Agent Partnership helps people to get to the front of the queue and access information that wouldn’t ordinarily be available to them. They will use their time rather than yours to sift through the property that doesn’t really match your requirements


The service has access to plenty of experts in the field, from our company. One of our agents is the Oxfordshire and Cotswolds area expert with over 30 years of experience in property, and has lived in the area for over 15 years.



So as the political and economic climate becomes increasingly uncertain, and city life becomes more frantic than fulfilling, there has never been a better time to leave London and “escape to the country”. Don’t put it off for too much longer.


Buying Agent Partnership is an independent property finder. Please get in touch if you need any help.


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