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How Property Finders Can Work With Estate Agents

April 8, 2019

How Property Finders Can Work With Estate Agents

The relationship between would-be home owners and estate agents is often depicted as adversarial at best. Do a quick search for advice on your potential relationship with an estate agent and you mostly stumble on articles with titles like “Tips for Avoiding Estate Agents’ Tricks” or “How to Spot When an Estate Agent is Hiding the Truth.”

In our experience, this kind of negative mindset does nothing to help the property search process. Estate agents are there to do a job – to sell someone’s home and, in the process, to make money for their own business. In that sense, the correct way to view working with an estate agent is to see it for what it is, a business arrangement. They have their interests to look after, you have yours. With a professional, objective approach, everyone can get what they want. This is where a property finder, also known as a property finder, can make a huge difference.

Property finders often forge close working relationships with estate agents that prove mutually beneficial. Here are some tips on property finders can work with estate agents to secure you your dream property.

How Property Finders Can Work With Estate Agents To Tackle Property Chains

When it comes to buying and selling property, property chains are a great source of irritation and frustration for everyone involved. Property chains can range widely in size but become increasingly complex and risky the longer they are. In a property chain, a series of transactions all need to be perfectly lined up before any one property can be sold. A delay by one property owner will inevitably hold up the entire chain, and if someone chooses to back out, the whole thing can quickly collapse. This is an eventuality that everybody hopes to avoid.

Professional property finders can work with estate agents to support anyone in the chain who is struggling to find a property to move to. Estate agents can recommend the services of a trusted property finder to any of their home owners who have already accepted an offer and are now under a degree of time pressure to find their perfect property. The property finder is there to take the pressure off somewhat. They can save sellers valuable time and money by conducting the property search on their behalf.

At Buying Agent Partnership, this means that we will take a detailed brief from the property owner outlining what they’re looking for in a property and maybe what it is that they’ve found off-putting about the properties they’ve viewed so far. From there, we will view a number of properties on their behalf, noting down our observations and taking accurate and revealing photos. All of this information is then sent back to the client in the form of detailed report. Once the property owner has decided upon a property, a property finder can work with estate agents to negotiate a price and secure the sale. With the last element of the property chain slotted into place, everybody is satisfied.

How Property Finders Can Work With Estate Agents To Sell Off-Market Property

More expensive or specialist types of property, such as those with equestrian facilities, will often change hand privately. In some instances, this is because the seller values their privacy does not want the property to be marketed publicly and attract unwanted attention. Obviously, the right people still need to hear about its availability. Property finders can work with estate agents to locate suitable buyers who can be trusted to follow through on their commitments and complete the transaction efficiently and quietly.

If you’re looking for a professional property finder who can work with estate agents, get in touch with Buying Agent Partnership today on email or call 0330 223 6339.

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