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How Property Finders and Estate Agents Can Work Together

March 9, 2018

How Property Finders and Estate Agents Can Work Together

Put simply, estate agents and property finders are generally understood to be on opposite sides of the same problem – with estate agents firmly in the camp of the seller and property finders working solely on behalf of the buyer. However, such thinking fails to take into account the ways in which property finders and estate agents can often work together for their mutual benefit. Ultimately, we all want a property to change hands.  Here’s some of the ways we as property finders can support estate agents and help make that happen.


Property Preview Service

One of the most straightforward services we offer is our property preview service. It can be particularly beneficial for potential buyers who need to travel long distances (or are overseas) and may be unsure or unable to travel.  In these circumstances, one of our independent property finders would visit the property on their behalf – looking at it through their eyes and asking the questions important to them. We will then provide an independent report that assesses whether or not it meets their needs and merits a viewing. Extensive photos are included in this report and we can also add video if desired. If that property isn’t suitable, they have the option to upgrade to our full homefinding service to continue the search.


Property Chains: Assisting Estate Agents 

Property chains are the bane of every estate agent’s life. They’re also a perfect example of how property finders and estate agents can work together to get everything moving again. Recommend us to any vendors who have accepted an offer but are yet to find somewhere else to live, and we can provide them with property search support in many locations across the UK. In doing so, we can save them an awful lot of time and hassle, and potentially even money.

Beyond finding the perfect home for people to buy or let, we also offer several services to assist them in their move. These include surveying, legal services, planning, mortgage advice, removals and storage, utility set-up, interior design, career support, cultural awareness and language skills.


If you are interested in a partnership with Buying Agent Partnership to offer added value to your clients, why not contact us on 0330 223 6339 to discuss how we can help you.

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