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Retiring? Why Not Buy A Small House In A City?

November 2, 2017

Retiring? Why Not Buy A Small House In A City?

One of the major clichés of retirement is that picturesque idea of settling down in the countryside to live a more relaxing and peaceful life. We look forward to just getting away from it all. However, at Buying Agent Partnership we believe that there are several major benefits in choosing to buy a small house or apartment in a city. Whether it’s a bustling metropolitan area like Birmingham or Manchester or a smaller historic or Cathedral city like Chester or Exeter, they all have a lot to offer. Here are our top three reasons to buck the trend and move to a city in retirement.

Culture and Leisure

By choosing to buy a small house or apartment in the city, you may actually be opening yourself up to a wider array of opportunities. Culturally, there is often far more to do in the cities. From museums, art galleries and libraries during the day, to theatre and cinemas at night, it is easy to fill your week. With hundreds of different restaurants and shops added on top, we guarantee you’ll never be short of something to do.


Thinking about the long term, buying a small house or flat in the city may in fact be the more practical option. The public transport infrastructure in cities is far more extensive than anything in the countryside, especially given recent funding cuts to rural bus services. Should you no longer retain a driving licence, these transport networks will be vital in ensuring you are still able to live life to the full. Likewise, purchasing or renting a flat can also be a practical choice (so long as there is a lift or it is located on the ground floor). No garden means no maintenance and the lack of stairs may prove advantageous in later years. By thinking ahead now, you may be able to hold onto your independence for much longer.

Wider Community

Obviously, cities are full of people. Whilst some may see this as a negative factor, we believe it can be a strong positive for retirees. Living alone in the countryside is certainly peaceful but can also be quite a lonely experience, particularly if you are far from family. It is far easier to get out and about in a city, allowing you to get involved in more activities and meet new people or old friends. If you choose to buy a small house or flat as part of a purpose built retirement development, you will find yourself part of a community with others in similar positions and have a ready made support network when you need it most


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