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Supporting Cheshire Charity at RHS Tatton Park

June 14, 2017

Supporting Cheshire Charity at RHS Tatton Park

Buying Agent Partnership is enormously proud to be co-sponsoring a charity garden at the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show this July. Designed in partnership with the Mid Cheshire Hospitals Charity, this garden focuses on the complicated and emotional journey of dementia patients. It aims to provide a ‘home from home’ outdoor space where people with dementia or other cognitive impairments can feel free and relaxed.

Having seen an increase in the number of property search for the elderly specifying some form of care consideration, we know just how important the environment of an ageing population is.

Designed by Jane Bingham and Penny Hearn of The Cheshire Garden, ‘Remember Me’ charts the journey of a dementia patient. At the entrance, the planting is organised and structured, featuring plants predominantly from the 1960s and 1970s. As the garden then progresses, the planting becomes far less structured, representing the gradual deterioration of the patient’s mind. Ultimately, the garden culminates in three raised hospital beds, indicating the need for around the clock care and their eventual final resting place.

Residential Property Search for the Elderly

At Buying Agent Partnership, whilst we’re not dementia care specialists, an increasing number of our residential property searches do focus on finding suitable homes for the elderly, particularly those with specific living requirements. The UK has an ageing population which we urgently need to find realistic ways to support.

One key method of reducing pressure on the health system is to support people in their own homes as long as possible.  It is also what most of us would want.   By using our residential property search for the elderly, you can be certain that your relative is in the best place they can possibly be. Just as this garden seeks to create a dementia friendly space, we want all our clients – whatever their needs – to feel comfortable and relaxed in their own homes.

We also know that caring for a relative or friend with dementia can be an enormously stressful and time-consuming job.  By employing us to conducting a residential property search for the elderly on your behalf, you can keep your focus where it truly needs to be.

Our local buying agent, from the North West, stated: We are increasingly finding inquiries for our home finding services are coming from an older demographic or families wanting to ensure their elderly parents can move to a property suitable for their long-term needs, whatever the future holds- so we were very keen to support Jane with this garden.”

Our Contribution

Buying Agent Partnership donation will help support the building of a ‘Room of Inklings’. Housed within it will be an assortment of highly tactile items such as seashells, jewellery and buttons. It is hoped that handling these objects might spark a conversation between those with dementia and their family/carer, and even encourage people to begin their own collections.

You can see the completed garden at the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show which runs from Wednesday 19th July until Sunday 23rd July. You’ll find us at stand 439!

To find out more about Buying Agent Partnership residential property search service and how we can support your family, please contact us .

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