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The advantages of working with a property finder

April 8, 2022

The advantages of working with a property finder

Unlike an estate agent, who works on behalf of the person selling the property, a property finder works exclusively for a buyer in a property transaction.  Their clients can include those looking for a new home, moving to a completely new area, those who have very specific requirements, as well as investors, or people looking to buy a holiday home.

Here at Buying Agent Partnership, we provide a very personal and bespoke home finding service. As such, we only work with a select number of clients at any one time to ensure they each receive a personal and comprehensive service.

If you’ve never worked with a property finder before, here are some of the advantages:

Saves time

Finding the right property can be a very time-consuming project. From comparing different homes on the market with Rightmove, registering your requirements with estate agents, arranging viewings, through to viewing a shortlist of properties in person, house-hunting can be a long drawn out process – especially if you are not 100% clear on your requirements. Not to mention the time it takes to submit and negotiate offers, and exchange contracts (more on this later).

Working with a property finder will take all these time-consuming tasks off your hands and make the process far more stress-free and focused.

We will view a range of properties on your behalf and rule out those that aren’t suitable, so that you only get presented with a shortlist of properties that fit your requirements.

If you are living abroad or in a different part of the UK, working with a property finder is a very efficient way of narrowing down your property search so that you don’t have to keep travelling back and forth to view properties that may not be suitable.

Property knowledge

Perhaps one of the more hidden advantages of working with a property finder is their knowledge of the local area. At Buying Agent Partnership, our property finders live, work and breathe property in the regions they cover, so you will benefit from genuinely local, expert knowledge. This is helpful whether you are moving to a new area, or you just need someone who understands the local property market and who can advise on best and final offers.

Access to properties “off market”

Working with a property finder means you could also get access to discreetly positioned ‘off-market’ or ‘pre-market’ properties that would otherwise change hands quietly without your knowledge. This is particularly relevant in a housing market that has scarce supply, or if you have very specific requirements.

Handling negotiations on your behalf

Whilst vendors have their estate agent to represent them and negotiate the best sale price, buyers are usually left to fend for themselves.  However, buyers using a property finder have the benefit of their years of experience to help secure the best deal for them.

Once that offer is accepted the property finder can also arrange any necessary surveys, conveyancing solicitors and monitor the whole transaction to ensure that the purchase reaches exchange of contracts as smoothly as possible

As you can see there are many advantages to working with a property finder. Not least their experience, knowledge of the local property market and having the time to proactively find properties that suit your requirements.

If you are thinking of moving and are interested in working with a property finder, contact one of our team today in the area you want to move to.

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