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Things To Consider Before Relocating With Family

April 26, 2018

Relocating with family is often a stressful yet ultimately rewarding experience. We believe that the key to a smooth transition is preparation. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. Moving to an unfamiliar area can be a daunting task but property finders can offer excellent local knowledge, brilliant negotiating skills and a long list of recommendations for other professionals. Here’s some areas to bear in mind as you begin your property search.

Negotiating The Education System

Moving schools is never a simple or unemotional task but it can be particularly difficult at certain times of the year or at specific ages. For example, when a child is starting school for the first time or choosing options for their GCSEs.  In the UK, there can be different admissions processes in different areas and even between local schools in the same town. There is no guarantee that the new school will follow the same curriculum or even teach more specialist subjects that you may have been used to. A good property finder will be able to investigate the flexibility of schools within your preferred search area and advise on admissions processes.

Settling In And Getting To Know People

When you relocate with family, you don’t just move location but also community. You could be leaving behind an entire support network of people, from your regular babysitter to the parents at school, friends at the sports club to your fellow pub quiz team mates. It will take time to re-establish that network with new groups. However, by researching the local area and planning ahead you can get involved in nearby events and activities and meet new people. Signing up kids for extra-curricular events is a brilliant way to help them make friends, give them a sense of stability and distract them from their change in circumstance.

Children will often react negatively to the idea of moving home, particularly when it is somewhere their unfamiliar with. A life-changing decision has been made, completely outside of their control, and they don’t always know how to respond. To help prepare children, it is best to focus on what is going to stay the same in their lives, rather than emphasise the differences. Talk to them about their worries and concerns and give them plenty of time to get used to the idea. Try and involve them in the property search, even if it’s just choosing their room, picking out new furniture or giving them new responsibilities. Thanks to social media and email, it is easier than ever for people to stay in touch, a point worth making if they’re distressed about leaving friends.

Narrowing Down Your Property Search Area

Your property search area is in large part going to be governed by your commute. How far are you willing to travel daily to work or schools? If you want to retain a job in the city but covet a country lifestyle, living close to a motorway network or train line could be the answer.

One of the most common reasons for relocating with family is a change in job. Sometimes, the opportunity is just too great to pass up. However, in many cases, your partner is also going to lose their job, with no guarantee of quickly finding a new one. Whilst they search for a new job you may be left as the sole wage earner, a fact worth considering if you’re thinking of upsizing.

Getting Organised When Relocating With Family

When it comes to the actual relocation, excellent packing can be a lifesaver.  We can recommend excellent removal companies who will ensure that your belongings are all grouped together according to the room they’re destined for, saving you a lot of time and effort at the other end. We can also recommend reputable storage companies.

The Buying Agent Partnership are highly experienced in helping those relocating with family. Contact us on 0330 223 6339 to discuss how we can help you.

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