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Try Before You Buy: Why more and more people are renting before buying

August 27, 2020

Try Before You Buy:  Why more and more people are renting before buying

Today, buying a home is still one of the biggest commitments most people will ever make. Here at Buying Agent Partnership, we aim to do the work for you, to ensure that this is exactly the right property and gives you everything that you need. Your dream home needs to meet every requirement you give to us, whether that’s a beautiful garden, a proximity to great transport links, or the catchment area of a local school – Buying Agent Partnership can find it for you.

But what about what life’s really like in the local area? Here at Buying Agent Partnership, we pride ourselves on having property finders who have a strong and keen local knowledge; whether they’re originally from the area or have been located there themselves for many years. Our property finders go above and beyond when it comes to settling you into your new home; including giving you resources and information about the local area. We pride ourselves in getting our clients truly settled into their new homes; which is why our property finders can advise you on every aspect of your new chosen region.

So, is this sufficient for overseas clients? Sometimes, that’s all our clients need – many are happy to make the most of our resources and expertise, and simply take several trips to their new home before settling in. However, there’s a second option – renting in any given area before making a property purchase.

Why Try Before You Buy? 

Renting in an area is a great way to gain a feel for a location, whether that’s a small village or a large city, before investing significant amounts of money into a purchase. For some clients, their relocation represents a total lifestyle change, and it may be a hugely different environment than the one they are used to! Though a relocation and lifestyle change are often factors in moving house, it can be difficult to know whether any given region is truly ‘right’ for you and your family without spending time there. There are many advantages to this system of renting before buying. Firstly, our property hunt stays on!

At Buying Agent Partnership, we can find you a property to rent first, and continue with the search for your forever home at the same time. Getting yourself and your family settled in a home takes the stress and pressure away from your house hunt, as you have somewhere to live in the meantime before we find your perfect property.

A further advantage to renting before you buy is the financial losses which often take place if a new buyer finds they want to move within a year of their relocation. Typically, if you move to a new home and feel that it’s not right for you, the losses from a second move in quick succession can be hard to recoup.

When you use a property finding service like ours at Buying Agent Partnership, we’re able to settle you in a temporary rental whilst you get a feel for the village, town, or city you’ve settled in. Test out those transport links, enrol little ones in those local schools and check your new commute, all without committing to the expense of a property in a place you don’t yet know! This is a particularly popular option for overseas clients, from as far abroad as America and Hong Kong: without being familiar with the local culture in their chosen regions, it makes perfect sense to trial-run the region before they commit to a particular place.

Another reason to rent before you buy is the fact that within the marketplace, sellers always prioritise a buyer who can proceed quickly. If you can proceed quickly in the marketplace, you’ll almost certainly be given priority over buyers who have homes to sell or are part of a chain of sales.

That’s why our property agents advise the following as a potential route for those who would like to get a feel for an area before buying, and who have existing property they’d like to sell: to first sell your current house, and put aside the proceeds to go towards your second property (once we’ve found it!). In the meantime, we advise that you look to rent somewhere, which your Buying Agent Partnership property finder can find for you, whilst ensuring that your tenancy agreement also allows a quick move. Then, sit back and let us do the work of house-hunting whilst you get settled into the area! That’s what we call a win-win.

Unless you’ve lived in an area, you might just miss out on the local hotspots and nuances of the region. Many places have beautiful residential areas which aren’t tourist hotspots – but you may not ever find them alone! With the help of a property finder, rent before you buy and truly get settled into your new town or city, whilst we find you that perfect address. To speak to one of our property finders today about renting a property before you buy, simply get in touch and one of our experts will be more than happy to help.

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