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Understanding Our Specialist Property Services

January 26, 2018

Alongside our main home finding work for buyers, we also offer multiple services which focus on specific areas within the process.  Our specialist property services will help smooth the process of moving home, helping you to get settled and back to normal much quicker.

Area Familiarisation Visits

Your prospective property might be perfect, but its location is equally as important. Your house needs to fit with your lifestyle and, hopefully, make life a bit easier. However, if you’re searching for property from overseas or the other side of the country, gaining a sense of the area can be enormously difficult. A flying visit where you are trying to squeeze in as many house viewings as possible simply won’t give you an adequate impression. What you need is someone who has extensive local knowledge and can give you a guided tour- a Buying Agent Partnership property finder.

As part of an area familiarisation visit, we will help you to locate schools, shops, leisure facilities and anything else that you might wish to use. We can guide you through all the local public transport options and provide estimates of commute times to nearby urban centres. Since we live within our respective regions, we know exactly where all the annoying traffic hotspots are, where the best shops, pubs and restaurants are as well as which areas or “on the up” and more. It’s all about helping you to make an informed decision about whether an area can give you everything you need before you embark on your home search


School Support

For any family moving house, schools are always a key consideration. This is particularly true if the family is moving halfway through the school year. We can help minimise your stress by drawing up a comprehensive list of all the schools within your potential search area and providing information about their performance or particular specialisms, as part of one of our specialist property services. These can be state schools, private schools or a mix, in accordance with your preferences. From there we can outline the individual admissions procedure for each potential school, including the catchment area, religious requirements and current availability.  We will collate information on their Ofsted or ISI Reports, exam results (SATs, GCSE, A-Level, IB), any specialisms and extra-curricular activities and even accompany you to visit the school. Once you’ve made the decision about which school is best suited to your needs you will be in a much better position to focus on finding your new family home.


Settling In Support

Our ‘Settling In’ specialist property service is designed to take care of your moving ‘to do’ list. Using our extensive network of trusted local contacts, we can connect you with people who will help ease the transition. Whether it is advice from a mortgage advisor or surveyor, practical help from a removals company or legal assistance with your purchase, we’ve got you covered.

We can also take the confusion out of organising utility accounts, setting up bank accounts, as well as arranging for regular cleaners and gardeners.


Property Preview Service

An extraordinary amount of time, effort and money goes into viewing property, especially if you’re moving a great distance. As much as you can try and schedule multiple viewings on one day, you will almost certainly need to make several trips as you whittle down your options. That’s where we come in.   Although pre-viewing properties on your behalf is part and parcel of our home buying service, we can also do one-off property viewings for you as well.

Maybe you’ve seen a property online or you haven’t time to travel.  Based on an understanding of your brief, we are happy to view a property on your behalf to help you decide whether it’s worth you making the journey at all.  With good photography and elegant descriptions, any house can be made to look good. We will give you the unvarnished truth and answer the questions that are important to you in our detailed feedback reports, including photos and even video if required.

To learn more about our specialist property services, visit our contact page or call us on 0330 223 6339.

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