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What is a Property Finder?

January 22, 2019

What is a Property Finder?

What Is A Property Finder?

If you’ve never heard of a property finder before, don’t worry – you’re not alone! So, what is a property finder? A property finder acts on behalf of a client to find them their perfect property. Having taken a brief, they will view numerous properties, help you select the right one and then take control of negotiations, to ensure that you achieve the best deal possible.

If you’re based in the UK, you might have watched Channel 4’s much-loved show ‘Location, Location, Location’.  Essentially, our expert property finders do something similar to the role of Kirstie and Phil. Just like the famous duo, we will only view properties that meet your detailed brief, which outlines your must-have features –  as well as what your property finder needs to avoid…

Unlike the TV show though, we aren’t restricted to only showing you three property options – we can view as many properties as you like until we find that perfect address.

How Does A Property Finder Work?

By choosing to work with a property finder, you can bring to an end all those tedious and tiring visits to unsuitable properties. No more turning up to a house to discover that it looks very different to how it was portrayed in the brochure. Instead, the property finder will make those visits on your behalf and provide you with written feedback, as well as photos and potentially even video, with our virtual property viewing service. Armed with this information, you can then highlight any properties that you would like to view yourself. A property finder can even join you on such visits to provide further advice and guidance.

By making fewer visits in person, you can save valuable time and money on travel and accommodation costs. This is particularly the case for any expats looking to move back to the UK. The cost of flights, hotels and car rental can quickly add up. With the aid of property finder, you may only need to make a single trip.

At Buying Agent Partnership, each property finder lives and works within their specified area and so will have a wealth of local intelligence for you to explore! Our property buying agents have considerable knowledge of school catchment areas, travel routes, local sports facilities and much more. Having this sort of information close at hand is enormously helpful when making such a momentous decision, as our property agents can give you a far better sense of what it might actually be like to live in a specific area. They can advise you on the best schools to apply to and can even highlight which roads to avoid during rush hour!

Furthermore, a property finder’s wide array of local contacts means that they are often able to view ‘off-market’ properties that you otherwise wouldn’t hear about. These may be properties that sell before they even make it online or to the estate agent’s window. Equestrian properties, for instance, are particularly renowned for passing hands privately. Using a property finder will grant you greater access to such properties.

Who Does The Property Finder Work For?

We are all accustomed to involving an estate agent whenever looking for a new property. However, it can be easy to forget that they are fundamentally acting in the interests of the seller. It is up to them to sell as many properties as possible, for the highest price they can. Estates agents are hugely important and vital to the buying process but it doesn’t hurt to have someone acting firmly on your behalf. A property finder is far more likely to provide you with a realistic assessment of the sale price, and point out areas of the property that may require further investigation.

When it comes to negotiating the final sale price, it helps to have someone with plenty of experience on your side. At Buying Agent Partnership, our fee structure is arranged in a way that motivates property finders to secure the biggest price reduction possible.

Who Uses Property Finders?

Crucially, property finders can be used by anyone. You might have heard of various celebrities employing buying agents but there is no reason why you can’t too. We have worked with everyone from first time buyers to investment buyers, with a wide range of budgets. As well as standard residential properties, we also have extensive experience meeting more specialist briefs such as holiday homes and equestrian properties.

At Buying Agent Partnership, you can choose our complete end-to-end property finding service or alternatively, select one or two parts. For example, you may only require an area familiarisation visit, assistance in applying to schools or help settling into your new home.

If you have any further questions about what is a property finder and how we can help, then get in touch with us or call 0330 223 6339

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