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What Is A Rural Property Finder? 

August 4, 2021

What Is A Rural Property Finder? 

It’s perhaps no surprise that in a country as beautiful and varied as England, rural places to live are  – if you’ll pardon the pun – hot property. With Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty ranging from the sandy shores of the Cornish coastline to the lush green Cotswolds all the way up to the dramatic peaks and troughs of England’s Lake District, rural areas in the UK can offer everything from sunshine to summits. This means that rural properties can cater to a client list as varied as the scenery; offering everyone from families with young children to retirees a perfect spot to settle.

This is where a rural property finder comes in. Here at the Buying Agent Partnership, our property finders are experts at delivering rural properties to our clients. We have a huge range of clients who are seeking their dream country residence – and it’s down to us to make that happen. Using our expertise, connections and networks across the UK, our property finders can locate your perfect address, and secure it for you with minimum stress!

What Is A Rural Property Finder?

A rural property finder does what it says on the tin! Our property finders (or property buying agents) work to bring our clients the very best properties that the UK has to offer. By taking note of the rural properties on the market, our rural property finders are able to create a list of properties that might suit our clients. Our property finders at the Buying Agent Partnership work to find our clients the best and most suitable property for their needs and budget, visiting all rural properties on the list that might work for our client. Once a suitable property is identified, our property finder can send videos, photos, or provide a virtual property viewing to ensure that the property is right before the client takes the time to visit.

Why Use A Rural Property Finder?

At the moment, the UK is experiencing a high demand for rural properties! This is partly a reflection of existing trends but partly thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic; the social and cultural effects of ‘work from home’ and ‘stay at home’ meant that those with gardens and green spaces nearby were able to escape some of the pressures of staying inside. City-dwellers, particularly those in apartments and renting, struggled with both working from home and a lack of outdoor space – which has seen a ‘mass exodus’ of people looking for homes in rural areas. (Hoping to buy? Check out our piece on whether or not you should buy in the current property market here).

This has resulted in a national shortage of rural properties available to purchase; in a seller’s market,  it’s essential to use a property finder to make sure you’ve got the best overview of the current market (and a property-finding service which has connections to off-market properties).

Thanks to the Buying Agent Partnership’s connections, our experts are able to find rural properties  even when they are relatively thin on the ground! Despite the high demand for rural properties amongst our client base, our property finders are able to find rural properties even in the most highly-sought-after spots! The Lakes, Norfolk, Devon and Cornwall are just a few of our key areas where we’re seeing huge numbers of waiting buyers – and are all locations in which our property buying agents are able to support the quest to purchase that perfect country property.

A rural property finder can even help you with Class Q conversions; an element of a rural relocation that many other property finding services and estate agents will overlook. A type of barn conversion, a Class Q conversion simply means that an agricultural building which existed before March 2013 can be converted to a dwelling.

The difference with a Class Q is that the proposed change must amount to a “conversion” rather than a “rebuild” and is subject to certain restrictions and complex criteria. Here at the Buying Agent Partnership, our experts have helped many happy clients find, secure and transform these buildings through a Class Q conversion. Check out our Class Q Conversion blog here for more information on how you can create your very own dream rural home.

What is our rural property finding service?

Here at the Buying Agent Partnership, we’re able to support our clients as they search for rural properties in the UK. With our decades of experience in shortlisting and securing properties, your dedicated property finder works for you: working to a list of your needs and requirements as well as to your pre-set budget.

Following on from your consultation, your property finder can advise on specific locations that match your needs, before travelling to and viewing properties which they feel may suit. You’ll receive photographs, videos, or even virtual property view-alongs, at which point you can either reject the property, confirm the property’s suitability or pop along yourself for a more in-depth look! This works for Class Q conversions, too – we will scout out suitable buildings which we already know meet the legal criteria, so you don’t need to waste any time.

Once we’ve found the perfect place for you, the Buying Agent Partnership can help you to negotiate, settle in, or even find a rental property if you don’t wish to move in right away. For those unfamiliar with the area, our experts can share all our knowledge on transport links and local amenities – and even put clients with families in touch with local schools.

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