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What makes a good property finder?

July 31, 2017

If you’re choosing to enlist a property finder you’ll want know what makes a good property finder to ensure that they are providing an excellent service. Finding a new home can be quite an emotional experience so you’ll want someone with a wealth of local knowledge and experience, supporting you in every way they can. We’ve pulled together a few pointers to help you find the perfect property finder.

3 Signs of What makes a good property finder:

  1. Area Familiarisation ServiceIf you are looking to move to a completely new unfamiliar location it certainly helps to know as much about the local area as possible. However, not every buyer has the time or ability to do the necessary research. This is especially true of anyone relocating from overseas. Your property finder should be able to provide you with any relevant information, ranging from the quality of local shops and leisure facilities to the level of rush hour traffic. One crucial element for families is, of course, the quality of local schools. This is something that a great property finder should be able to assist with. They can explain admission procedures and catchment areas, provide academic and inspection results, and even conduct school visits on your behalf. An experienced property finder will have years of knowledge to fall back on when answering your questions or giving you a tour.
  2. Property Preview ServiceOne of the most time-consuming aspects of any property search is simply viewing all the possible options. Again, this is particularly problematic if you are overseas. A good property finder will view properties on your behalf, asking questions and identifying any problems, before feeding back their considered professional opinion. Ideally, these comments should be supported by photographs or even video.
  3. Settling in SupportAs we all know, the stress of moving house doesn’t magically end when you’re handed the keys. Look for a property finder who will provide ongoing support as you settle in, on hand to assist with those niggly details. This could include finding schools, dentists and doctor surgeries, providing advice on switching utility and bank accounts or even sourcing furniture for an unfurnished property.

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