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Changing Property Priorities in a Post-Lockdown World

May 29, 2020

Changing Property Priorities in a Post-Lockdown World

Today, many of us have spent the past few weeks (even months!) on a partial or a full lockdown inside our homes. As most of the population has stayed at home to avoid the spread of the coronavirus pandemic or COVID-19, our houses have served as offices, gyms, and schools, as well forming our base for entertainment, food and pretty much anything else.
Unsurprisingly, as we spend so much time in our houses, much of the population has turned their attention to the peeling paint, chipped window sills and generally-overlooked corners of their homes. Of course, for some people, this may be a simple question of DIY – getting out the drill and cracking on with the job! However, for others, these needs are less superficial: for some, the lockdown has underlined all the ways in which their homes simply aren’t fulfilling their needs any more.

For instance, many people have struggled to enjoy fresh green outdoor space, if their property doesn’t have a garden. Others have found that their smaller, apartment homes simply cannot support or facilitate their lifestyle, and some just need that home office of their dreams. For those hoping to sell, or those hoping to move – Buying Agent Partnership are here to help. Here are some trends that our property finding experts have reported over the past few weeks which look set to stay. If you’re property-hunting – read on! 


One key feature that our property finders are asked about more and more, post-lockdown, is the availability of properties with gardens or garden space. Of course, gardens are nothing new – nor is their presence as a must-have on a client list! However, the recent lockdown has shown many people that their lack of an outdoor space accessible to them is rather more than a preference. During this period, many people without gardens have been unable to spend time outdoors, as though many local urban green spaces and parks remain open for solitary exercise, significant time outside for BBQ’s picnics and sunbathing have only just been given the all-clear.

From the number of requests that our property finding agents have received for homes with gardens, it seems that for lots of people (especially those living in apartment blocks or busy cities) having their own green outdoor space has become a vital and a necessary component of their next property purchase! If a garden is a must-have on your list, simply inform your property finding agent and they will ensure to only provide you with properties matching that description for your consideration. No wasted time (and a gorgeous garden to boot)!

Office Space

Another priority which many people are finding themselves in need of during this period is the space for a home office! For many people, working from home is the new norm, and this trend does not look set to change any time soon. Many people have found themselves working from sofas, childrens’ bedrooms or the kitchen table – not an ideal situation by any means! In addition, for others, this taster of working from home full-time may have sparked a desire to work from home full-time, but found their space ill-equipped for the task. Whatever your reasons, this means that, for many, a change of scenery is in order – and fast!

Finding a property with either an existing ‘home office’ setup, or enough rooms to ensure the creation of one in the future is possible, is now vital. With many modern layouts being open-plan, for some people, having the capacity to create a closed-off office is essential – yet another thing to add to their list of property requirements. If space for a home office is vital in your next property purchase, simply let your property search agent know and they’ll do the hard work for you.

 Location, Location!

Always important, the location of our homes has been truly revealing for the past few weeks. Is your property close enough to local shops, without a long journey in the car? Are the transport links from your property reasonable enough? Could you even walk or bike to work from home? Many people no longer wish to undertake hefty commutes, and are therefore reconsidering the location of their homes. Making sure your property is within access of all the relevant amenities and facilities you might need could also save you a headache, particularly if the population needs to stay a little closer to home for the foreseeable future! A location with good Broadband (even fibre-optic!) is accessible may be essential for you, or proximity to parks, facilities and entertainment.

Whatever your needs, Buying Agent Partnership can help. Changing priorities are all part of house-hunting, and we at Buying Agent Partnership are able to use our access to a huge range of properties (with some unlisted properties!) to bring you the very best home possible. If you’d like to discuss your needs with one of our experts, we’ll be more than happy to help. Simply get in touch with us, and one of our experts will answer any of your questions.


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