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A Cornwall Property Finder’s View On People Moving To Cornwall

November 12, 2018

A Cornwall Property Finder’s View On People Moving To Cornwall

The latest statistics from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) indicate that in the year to June 2017, Cornwall has experienced the greatest net migration of any county in England and Wales. During the year, 25,639 individuals moved to the area while only 18,547 left. These figures give a net migration of 7,092. As experienced property finders who live and work in the area, we are not at all surprised by these figures.

In fact, Cornwall’s popularity has played a significant part in the rise of migration to the South West as a whole. The region saw the highest net migration of any region, with 169,765 people moving to the area and 135,746 leaving. This gives a net migration of 34,019. Notably, 21.8% of the South West’s population is 65 years or older, confirming its status as a popular retirement destination.

As Cornwall property finders, we believe that the incredible success of Poldark and Doc Martin have certainly played a role in the county’s popularity. However, in our experience as property finder’s, there are a few other more long term reasons as to why people are moving to Cornwall.

Thoughts Of A Cornwall Property Finder

The Captivating Coastline

Cornwall is renowned for its coastline, both north and south. In the summer, the white sandy beaches are reminiscent of a tropical island whilst in winter, the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean bring a strong sense of drama to the coastline. Thrill-seekers such as surfers and other water sport enthusiasts can enjoy the waves all year round whilst adventure-seekers can explore the myriad of smuggler’s caves that dot the coastline and hark back to Cornwall’s pirate past. Whilst on the south coast sailors can enjoy the many deep estuaries and even sail to France!

Alternatively, many people enjoy this stunning coastline from land by walking along Cornwall’s extensive coastal paths. These take in all those picturesque harbours and fishing villages, as well as gentle and rugged coves. Whether you’re a keen rambler or enjoy a pleasant stroll, this coastline has something for everyone.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Cornwall is an increasingly popular destination for individuals looking to achieve greater work/life by setting up their own businesses. Superfast fibre-optic broadband is currently being rolled out to the least connected properties in Cornwall. This follows the previous installation of over 132,000km of optical fibre, funded by BT and the European Regional Development Fund. Improvements in internet connectivity have made Cornwall an attractive option for entrepreneurs, as well as the promise of trips to the beach at the end of the working day!

The Slower Pace Of Life

The Cornish have a particular word for their easy-going attitude- ‘dreckly’. It translates as ‘directly’ but is clearly used in an ironic way to comment on Cornwall’s relaxed pace of life. This idea that everything will get done in due course and that there is no need to hurry, is one of the biggest reasons as to why people are moving to Cornwall from more stressful urban areas.

The Sense Of Community

In Cornwall, you can choose to live in a thriving and bustling town full of independent shops, art galleries and lovely eateries, or plump for a more remote and isolated village. In both locations there is a strong sense of community. Cornwall’s towns and villages are renowned for their unique, if somewhat baffling, festivals and celebrations. Many of these revolve around food, drink, water or the Cornish language.

At Buying Agent Partnership, we know exactly why people are moving to Cornwall because we help them do it! With years of experience and local expertise, our Cornwall property finders know the county inside and out. Contact us on 0330 223 6339 to discuss how we can help you.

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