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Expanding your portfolio with property buying agents

February 24, 2020

Expanding your portfolio with property buying agents

For many years now, people have expanded their investment portfolios by purchasing buy-to-let properties. Making these decisions under the guidance of property buying agents is always a sensible way of committing to such a large purchase, as organisations like Buying Agent Partnership have the necessary expertise to help advise you, no matter your requirements.

Whether you are searching to buy a property to let out as a student home, whether you’re diversifying into holiday rentals or whether you simply wish to make a further investment in the property market, Buying Agent Partnership is here to help. With our decades of experience in advising on, finding and facilitating the purchase of properties all over the UK, Buying Agent Partnership is perfectly placed to provide advice and assistance to all stages of buyer.

As a result of many years’ sourcing rental properties for tenants, we are also well placed to advise on the locations that are in highest demand.

As with any of our clients who are searching for properties in which they wish to live, our property finders at Buying Agent Partnership are able to assess how a property meets your requirements, fitting with any of your must-haves (and any of your must-nots!) They can find properties which might suit, view the property for you, send reports and assist with many aspects of closing the deal. Let Buying Agent Partnership bring their expertise to your portfolio, and help to advise you on suitability of properties for holiday home or year-round living.

The Buying Agent Partnership’s Top Tips When Expanding your Portfolio 


When you are considering making an investment there are always several things that it is key to bear in mind. For instance, location is even more vital with an investment property than it is with a residential property for the buyer; given that you need it to both meet your needs and the needs of your target market. Will the property be easily accessible by car or public transport? Are there enough local amenities, restaurants, attractions and facilities in the area to support year-round residence? Will the distance between your property and the local town be just right, too little (and therefore offering no privacy) or too far?

Target market

Your target market is another key consideration when expanding your portfolio. This is a vital consideration when settling on the requirements of your property, you must consider the practical needs of both yourself and anyone that might wish to stay in your home. Is the home viable for families, individuals and couples? What’s the best location for attracting professionals or students? Buying Agent Partnership are able to advise on all aspects depending on the region and type of property you are searching for.

Another aspect that Buying Agent Partnership are able to help you with for your home is where disabled access is a requirement. With our extensive knowledge of available properties in the area, we will be able to refine our search by what’s best for you and your needs, including whether or not properties allow disabled access, take pets and any other requirement for your home.

The type of property and the maintenance needed

The kind of property you choose is also important. Will the garden require constant maintenance? Will it need attention throughout the year, and are there months that nobody will be in the property? Ideally, a property should be large enough to support a family, with a minimum of two bedrooms, but remain small enough that you won’t lose money on the purchase, and can additionally appeal to smaller families or couples.

How can Buying Agent Partnership help me? 

Buying Agent Partnership can help you to prioritise the things that really matter in your property for investment, which reduces the time you have to spend viewing unsuitable properties. In addition, we at Buying Agent Partnership often have access to properties which are not listed on the conventional housing market, which offers our clients the first opportunity to view largely-unseen properties.

Why not get started today? To speak to a member of our expert team here at Buying Agent Partnership and discuss your requirements, simply get in touch with us and we’ll help to make your dream home a reality.


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