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Finding your family home with property finders

March 30, 2020

Finding your family home with property finders

Property hunting, as any person who has ever moved house will tell you, is a long and exhausting business. The process of shortlisting suitable properties, travelling between houses, different cities and even countries can be a lengthy and difficult one, and can be worsened by a failure to find your one dream home. Now consider the energy that has to go into property hunting with a family in tow! Taking children of any age to view property after property can be tiring for all involved, especially if the house or apartment in question is far from where you live.

Using property finders to find your family home takes the stress away from house-hunting, and allows you to relax into all the important necessities that go along with moving house. At Buying Agent Partnership, our property finders have the experience and expertise of years working closely with the residential housing market, and are able to shortlist you properties based on specific requirements like local school catchment areas, nearby public transport facilities and local entertainment, to name a few. They can even get you settled in after the move! Find your family home with ease, through our property finding service at Buying Agent Partnership.

How can a property finding service help me? 

Property finders like Buying Agent Partnership are able to take on much of the stress of finding a family home. We believe that by handling the stress of shortlisting potential family homes with the requisite garden, local school, and any other requirements that you may have, you are able to get on with the important aspects of moving house. With years of knowledge about local areas, Buying Agent Partnership can offer you first pick of the properties on the market, and often have access to properties not yet listed: shortlisting properties by your requirements and cross-referencing by local amenities.

Buying Agent Partnership can give our clients all the information that they need about a local area, allowing you to stay on top of your daily commitments whilst we get on with finding a home.

Utility Accounts

For instance, imagine moving house with your whole family and waiting up to a week to have your WiFi switched on. For our modern world, it’s almost unthinkable! The same goes too for your utility accounts: Buying Agent Partnership is able to set up your hot water, heating, and electricity so that it’s all ready for you to move in. A small step for us, but a vital one for your family, in order to ensure your family can settle in as soon as possible.

Local Schools

One of the main areas that we get asked about, as property finders, is the availability and quality of local education. School catchment areas can give many parents a headache, as they strive to find a property which both meets their needs and fits into the local catchment area of attending the school of their choice! Our property finders can ensure we only search for your family home within your designated catchment area to make sure that we don’t waste any time getting you settled.

In addition, at Buying Agent Partnership, we have cultivated close contact with a number of private schools for whom catchment areas are particularly important, in order to facilitate discussions on appropriate catchment areas for house-hunting families. Though the state school approach tends to vary by local authority, Buying Agent Partnership can put families in touch with schools in question, or speak to schools directly, to explore your options in more detail. Once a school has been selected and a property picked out, our property finders can subsequently guide you through the admissions process, vital for schools which still have compulsory examinations.

If you want to arrange finding your dream family home with our experienced property finders, simply get in touch with Buying Agent Partnership to discuss your requirements and get started on your property journey.


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