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How Can A Property Finder Help Me Move To the UK?

August 5, 2020

How Can A Property Finder Help Me Move To the UK?

Moving abroad is always a difficult task. In the current climate, we know that moving overseas can be even trickier, as families and individuals try to stay on the right side of the government’s COVID-19 guidelines. When moving abroad to a new country, it’s often vital to have a helping hand on the other side – a contact in the country you’re moving to, who can advise you on things like the best residential areas, local transport links and the best local education. What if that person could also narrow down your search for a new home, visit properties on your behalf and find that property that’s right for you? Property finders do just that – using their expertise to find the best home for you and your family before you even set foot in this new country.


Property finders are a great way to take the hassle and difficulty away from moving overseas – offering you a calm and stress-free way to move to another country. Moving to the UK means you’ll need to find a local property finder in the area that you want to live. That’s why, here at Buying Agent Partnership, we have property finders across the UK. Our property finders have years of expertise in not only property, but living and learning here too. 


Why is using property finders a good idea?

The UK is diverse and beautiful, with huge differences in landscape, city and countryside from region to region. That’s why the County Agent Partnership has property finders dedicated to each region of the UK – to help our clients settle in with our experience and local knowledge. 

Each of our property finders has a wealth of experience about the region they are representing for Buying Agent Partnership. This means that clients moving to the UK can give their property finder their requirements for not only properties, but also areas, links to local schools, transport etc. We’ll use this list to find you the home of your dreams, by shortlisting only properties which match your requirements, and visiting just those. We can also help by providing you ‘settling in’ advice and support. This can be anything from contacting local schools on your behalf, to checking in with you after the move. 


How can property finders help me move to the UK? 

Property finders are a valuable resource when it comes to relocating to the UK. Firstly, those looking to move from overseas can instruct a property agent to search for properties on their behalf, without wasting their valuable time travelling back and forth between countries. This is especially useful if you are relocating from far away, or with a family in tow

Your property finder will act only in your best interest, using their years of experience in their local property markets to find you the best property for you. Thanks to our extensive networks of contacts, our property finders can source the very best properties (both listed on the market and off the market)  to match your budget. 

>Once we’ve located a property that we think is right for you, we’ll view the property ourselves and take additional photos / video of the things the estate agents brochure doesn’t show! (Or we could  have a live Facetime viewing) to show you the full picture in real time. This allows us to highlight any hidden areas or areas of concern, while you relax in the safety and comfort of your own home.  

Once you’ve chosen your perfect property, we can assist you with any additional help you might need. This might be liaising with surveyors and solicitors to help you get sorted in the run-up to moving in. 

Crucially, our property finders can also help you settle into life in the UK by sharing our network of trusted and completely independent legal, banking and mortgage advisers – these advisers are often familiar with the needs of people relocating who may not have credit history in the UK, and can assist you with these stepping stones. 

If you’re looking to relocate to the UK, look no further than our property finders at Buying Agent Partnership. We can help at every stage of the process, and look forward to welcoming you to England. If you’d like to get in touch with us or have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.


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