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How can property finding agents help find properties for renovation?

March 30, 2020

How can property finding agents help find properties for renovation?

Here in the UK, finding properties for renovation is increasingly common task for property finding agents. At Buying Agent Partnership, our expertise in finding, shortlisting and securing properties to match our clients’ specific briefs makes our services perfect for finding properties for renovation projects. Many clients struggle to find properties which match their requirements, let alone entering into discussions with current owners. If you are considering buying a property for the purposes of renovating it, do consider our specialist property finding agents at Buying Agent Partnership, who have decades of experience in all matters relating to finding properties for renovation.

How do property finding agents help find properties for renovation? 

The process of finding properties for renovation is a similar one to finding those which are ready to move into! Firstly, consultation with clients is the primary basis upon which our property list is drawn up. It is imperative that we have those key discussions with our clients in order to ascertain what their needs are, including the local region, the properties of the property they are looking at and considering for purchase, the purpose of the purchase as well as any other facilities that the client requires in the surrounding area.

Once this conversation has been had, the property finding agent in question is able to narrow down a list of areas, towns or regions which may suit. If the client has a specific location or village in mind, which can often be the case, property finding agents are able to narrow down suitable buildings and make contact with the owners on the clients’ behalf. Buying Agent Partnership can have better access than many conventional estate agents to many properties either not yet listed or ‘off the beaten track’ – ideal in the battle of finding properties for renovation.

Of course, many of the properties which are ideal candidates for renovation come from estates, and often those which have been bequeathed to families in wills. This can involve a great deal of  negotiation with both current owners and with key legal and financial authority figures involved in the process.

Buying Agent Partnership are able to facilitate a smooth transition by beginning discussions with key estate agents and solicitors acting as representatives for the individuals involved. Of course, properties for renovation are highly sought after as additions to a property portfolio, which makes key contacts particularly useful between the Buying Agents Partnership’s property finding agents and local or national legal teams. Our property finding agents are experts in facilitating a quiet and confidential sale with discreet and fast negotiations.

Once a property has been located, Buying Agent Partnership are able to facilitate communication between clients and local contacts for renovation. Our contacts with local specialists are vital to our clients looking to renovate properties, as they can deal with all practical elements of the renovation, can project manage the scheme and get estimates on the cost of the final project. These specialists can provide detailed information in the reports, liaise with planning departments and architects and generally assist in all practical matters relating to architectural and structural changes.

At Buying Agent Partnership, we always go above and beyond for our clients. If you would like to find out more about how property finding agents can help find properties for renovation, please do get in touch with us and a member of our friendly team will be more than happy to help you.


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