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Using A UK Property Finder

February 7, 2018

Using A UK Property Finder

Moving house is stressful at the best of times but moving to the UK from elsewhere adds a whole other level of difficulty. However, by investing in the services of a UK property finder, we can help ease the burden.

Streamlining The House Viewing Process

The first point of concern tends to be the house viewings. Flying back and to between the UK and your current country of residence can be an exhausting and expensive experience. In addition to the obvious cost of the plan tickets, you also need to consider any hotel and travel costs. Are the properties accessible via public transport or do you need to hire a car?  Employing a UK property finder to view properties on your behalf can significantly cut down on this travel.

Any homes that we visit will have been chosen in line with a pre-agreed brief that lists all your requirements, aspirations and red lined. With this as our guide, we will whittle down a long list of possibilities into a far shorter list of properties that are worth you viewing. As part of this process we will provide you with a detailed feedback report, containing photos and videos. These will highlight areas that the estate agent failed to in their marketing materials, giving you a more realistic idea of how the house actually looks.

Each UK property finder is intimately familiar with their locality. We know exactly which areas to avoid, which places are up-and-coming investment opportunities, where has the best commuter transport links and simply how area feels. Our strong local connections mean that we will hear about those properties which change hands away from public view in so-called ‘off-market’ deals. Without such insight, you would never even know about these properties.

Using A UK Property Finder To Arrange Your Move

When moving to the UK from abroad, there is an extra layer of difficulty when it comes to the financial arrangements. Without a UK credit history or bank account, you will require specialist advice from a whole raft of advisors, including legal, mortgage and banking. To set up a new bank account, you may require a letter of reference.

Once you’ve decided upon a property, we can help you settle into your new life. From hiring a removals company to recommending decorators, we will only suggest trusted providers. For families, a UK property finder can help find the perfect school for your children. We will provide you with comprehensive admissions information, talk you through Ofsted reports and compare recent exam results. We can do this for both state or fee-paying (independent/public/private) schools. Please note that state schools require a UK home address for each application, and that grammar schools have an entrance exam as part of their admissions process.

Finally, we can help arrange all your new utility contracts and set up your council tax payments. This is a compulsory tax on all residential properties which directly pays for local public services such as schools and transport. The amount charged varies across property type and council. Another tax to bear in mind is Stamp Duty Land Tax, payable on all residential properties over 125,000. The conditions around how much stamp duty you will be required to pay depend on whether you own one or more properties in the UK or anywhere in the world.

Buying Agent Partnership have helped numerous people successfully move to the UK, saving them an enormous of time and money. Contact us on 0330 223 6339 to discuss how we can help you.


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